I’m feeling a stink eye coming

17 Apr

I think is almost to serious stink eye stage with me but this fabric keeps getting in my way. I’ve dug all through my sewing room and now I’m in the cutting room. It’s in the kind of condition that overwhelms you just by looking at it. But….I did enter the room and have some shelves cleaned off so……I should finish tomorrow.

I did get 2nd wife Mona’s room all ready for her. She would have been here tonight except she had a run in with a pheasant and it took one of her headlights out!. That must have been bloody.  Anyway, she should arrive tomorrow.

Denny and I watched “Hidden Figures” last night. Such a great movie. I didn’t understand why there was this room of just black women  that were calculating? Was there a room of white women doing the same thing?

Into the 2nd week of Miracle Morning. Tomorrow is my 5:30 am day for Zumba. Today is one of those crave sugar days. I don’t understand what brings that on. Maybe my 2 pieces of cinnamon toast in the morning? Feeling all bloaty. I binged the Hugh Hefner story and they talked about when he was hooked on Dexedrine in the 60’s. I remember those pills. I didn’t need to lose weight in the 70’s but I wish I could take a pill now just to get that 10 lbs off. I tried some of those  fat burners but they didn’t do anything. I’ll stick to my exercise, weights and no Pepsi and see what happens.

Heard from Betty in Brownsville and she and her husband are going to stop by for a night on their way back to S. Dakota. We’ll put them up in the cabin. Denny was able to get the bathtub issue done today.

Had a yummy massage yesterday with Diane. I try to stay quiet during the session but it’s the only time we see each other so we yack it up during the massage. I have gone to her since 2004 after my snowmobile accident and she helped get me back on my feet. I can’t believe how long ago that was and how much it has still affected my life.

I’m watching this silly show called The Arrangement. It’s based on Tom Cruise and one of his wives. The lady had a huge pimple on her head when the show started but now it’s gone. I bet actors hate Hi Def.

For my reading part of my Miracle Morning I am reading “Read the Bible in a Year”. I have tried to read the bible many times to no avail. I’m going to see if I can do it. But the first day was Genesis and it’s very hard for me. I’ve decided to try and read it like a novel so I’m not so contradicting in my thoughts. We’ll see.

That’s it for now. Think I’ll eat a popsicle and try to get to bed at a decent time. Tomorrow will be another digging out the room day and hopefully making curtains for our bedroom and cabin but I’ve been saying that for a week now.



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