Saturday Musings

15 Apr

I love it when I drive by myself because my mind gets very busy about many things and then I want to write about the thoughts.

First things first. I finished my Cuban Dancer painting today at Carol Naylors beautiful home. She lives way up high in the Colorado Springs foothills. You can see all the way to Raton Pass on a clear day. I knew most of the other classmates because they are from one of our groups that camp at Circle the Wagons. It’s from a photo of my friend Nancy who was also in Cuba with me. I love the giant ant on my head. 🙂

Now my musings. I feel sorry for people who don’t feel like they are creative and they take some kind of art class; painting, ceramics, pottery, photography, quilting, etc. and are totally negative during the process because they have no confidence in what they are doing. I never understand what they expect when they are doing something the very first time. I have no fear when it comes to doing a new project for the first time. I find it fun and exciting and it usually makes me happy. (unless I have ripped out stitches for 8 hours during a retreat). It can be intimidating, overwhelming and tiring, but….why does it have to be so painful. I listened all day to classmates criticizing their work. Of course Carol and others are encouraging and really all of the paintings were great. Watercolor batik isn’t the easiest method but it can be done by novices.. Bottom line is I’m happy that I don’t have the fear of trying new things. It’s funny. We have this outdoor scrabble game at the rv park that is really fun. When a group is playing we have many campers watching. We invite them to play and they say “oh no, I haven’t played scrabble for 30 years!!!” Well DUH!! The words haven’t changed in 30 years. Anyone can spell Cat, Dog, The.  (Since it’s Easter weekend I am really trying not cuss during this rant).

Now let’s talk scary. I’m lucky that I didn’t get in 2 big wrecks today. One was almost a big rear ender on Hwy 115. I was thinking my GPS was telling me the wrong turn and then I almost turned on the wrong road, (I did have my blinker on) I realized it was the next road. This guy was soooo close to hitting me when I was slowing down I was waiting for the big crunch. Second almost wreck was on 29th street after leaving Hobby Lobby. I had the left turn signal and was turning when this guy came flying through the light from the other direction. Whew, too close of a call and I’m glad I had room to move over.

My day has been strange because I wasn’t able to fulfill my Miracle Morning ritual. I was up early but had a 2 hour drive to my class. What’s terrible is not only did I not exercise, I also had M&M’s and a Nestle Crunch bar when I left Pueblo. THEN I STOPPED AT KFC IN WALSENBURG AND HAD 2 PIECES OF CHICKEN AND A PEPSI!!!!!!!!. Talk about falling off the wagon, I jumped!. I feel like I going to have hives any minute. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day and I will start back on the right foot and finish my sewing/cutting rooms project.

I can’t believe there is snow  and  winds in the forecast later this week. Please, please, please don’t snow until the 2nd week of May!! (I know, I’m way overdoing the exclamation marks. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode).

We are anxiously awaiting Mona’s arrival. She comes every spring and helps Denny with major chain saw and building projects. If she didn’t like living in Minnesota, I think Denny would become a polygamist and have both of us as his wives and I think she would be #1 wife. She even runs a chainsaw. I did do some clean up of wet leaves earlier this week but I don’t think that impressed Denny much. Especially since he had to pick up all the heavy bags.  And she is a kickass golfer. We should be able to at least play one round while she is here. Dale is coming in but now sure when. He’s watching the weather as he comes from AZ.

Talked to Billie today and I love that Kyler rides his bike over to Elliott’s grade school and they both ride their bikes home from school. He is a great big brother. The first time he did it his Grandpa couldn’t pick up Elliott, so Kyler rode his bike to her school and she rode on the bike with him. I wish I would have seen a photo of that.

Happy to get a massage tomorrow morning.

We celebrated Easter on Friday evening listening to a beautiful Cantata at the Methodist Church. A wonderful group of talented singers in our area. I’m also watching the Ten Commandments as I write.

I’m anxiously awaiting some artwork from my friend Heather. She has this really cool idea that I’m going to help with using my embroidery machine.

I’m trying to figure out a system for hospital beds that I think I could go on Shark Tank with. I need some assistance from some CNA’s and nurses to see how we can make it work.

I can’t believe it has been 4 weeks since my brother died. How can that be??? What have I been doing for a month?? I still feel an emptiness regarding his passing. Have done well not 2nd guessing some issues and I do believe he is with family and friends. When someone passes away, family or friend, I tend to get a little hyper and unfocused and then I get determined to live each day to its fullest and hope I am right with my family and friends. Hence, the Miracle Morning routine this time. I find it a great healthy and energizing program and gives me a healthier mind.




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