Friday, 6 days of being on a healthy routine

14 Apr

Day 6 of The Miracle Morning. What a difference already. I have been up between 5:30 and 6:30 everyday. I do my new beauty regimen on my face, stay silent for a few minutes, affirmation, visualization and exercise. I’ve done it all today and now scribing as they call it. There are a few sluggish moments during the day but no need for a nap every day.

Zumba is at 6 am twice a week. So glad Annalee is leading it this year. Still my favorite exercise.


I’m feeling nervous about that big bomb yesterday and nervous about Korea. It reminds me of being in jr. high and worrying about the atom bomb. What would it be like to have missiles attacking the country? Would they land by La Veta or just big cities. Yikes, don’t like all this in my head.

It’s so nice to be back home. Had my nails done and it’s always fun to visit with the ladies in the salon. Love getting my Chai with whipped cream at the coffee shop. Attended a free movie at the Library yesterday afternoon called “The Innocents”. It was subtitled and was a WWII movie where the Russians attack the nuns at their church.

Had weird phone call a couple of days ago. A man called and told me his name and then he starts ranting at me about be sure and don’t call him back. I was so confused because I couldn’t figure out what his problem was. He just kept saying “I left you a message and it said to call me back but I don’t want you to call me back!!” “I’m sure I just interrupted something very important for you to take this call!!” He just went on and on. Then i went to my voice mails and heard his message which came in at 1 pm and he’s calling me back at 4 pissed because I hadn’t returned his call. All this hubbub over a reservation for 1 night! I don’t think I would want him in the park anyway.

I’m still digging through my sewing items and trying to get everything organized. I always do that at the beginning of the season. The first thing I did was fold all of my fabric. Today is just putting miscellaneous items away and get rid of all the piles. It’s a daunting project but feels very nice when it’s done.

Going to the Springs on Saturday for a painting class with Carol. I’m going to finish my Cuban Dancer. Can’t wait. Taking my peacock to the SPACE gallery to enter in a show.

Bendi and Jumper are doing great and Jumper is still annoyed how much Bendi wants to be next to him.

I guess that’s it. I’m trying a new way to write the blog which I hope will make it easier to print!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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