The Miracle Morning

9 Apr

Good morning. It is 7 am and I’m getting ready for a busy day. Judy is here for the weekend and we have begun a new self development program called The Miracle Morning. It’s all about getting a good start on your day, getting more rest and more exercise.  Yesterday was the first morning and  instead of getting up at our scheduled time of 5:30, we finally made it up at 7. Today our scheduled time was 6 and we did it. The acronym is SAVERS Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise and and Read. What I hope it does for me is prepare me for the day so that it helps my anxiety and I’m more prepared for the morning when the park opens. Getting up early seems to be something I can do but the going to bed at a certain time is very hard. So far that has been horrible but the book says it takes about 10 days to adjust. I’m tired enough to go to bed but once I’m there, I immediately begin squirming, I get hungry, thirsty. Yuck. I may try a pot gummy bear tonight and see if that helps my squirmies. This also going to help my Candy Crush addiction which is beyond ridiculous.

Now of course we know I can’t just do one thing and then build up to other healthy life changes. I am on day 6 of no Pepsi. I was a little nervous for the last month due to a racing heart and short of breath. (Now I know I can bouts of anxiety which cause all these issues but I’m not paying enough attention.) But I did see my doctor on Monday. My heart rate went between 103 to 130. Of course I’m freaking out but doctor isn’t. We did do bloodwork and chest x-ray. Also #1 thing to is cut back on CAFFEINE.  Yikes. but I have and I really do feel better. Maybe after my brother John and all the happenings regarding his illness, maybe I’m just in an over whelmed state.

Was able to accomplish some office organization yesterday. Judy cataloged my movies of which we have 340 +.  I’ll need to  thin them out and add some new ones soon.

The snow has melted and we are in for a 60’s week. The mountains are still full of snow which is always beautiful.

Have caught with many friends and it feels good to be back home. Once can’t go to town for a minute without coming home in an hour. Ginny stayed all night Tuesday night. Mitzi,Giny and I watched The Nocturnal Animals.  It is a great suspense/drama that has room for discussion afterward.. Diane came for dinner Friday night. Much laughter which is always wonderful. Nancy dropped by yesterday and then we went with Sandy and John to La Plaza for dinner. Those who know me would be proud of how I did not throw too much of a fit when they told me they were out of apple cheese cake after they had told me they had some. When we were heading to Sandi’s car we saw the lights on and that the wa running for the last 2 hours, and the keys were in the card and the car was locked. Unfortunately we had to call Denny who was already in bed after driving for 12 hours from Texas. I think both he and John were giving us all the STINK EYE. All was taken care and I did warn Sandy that this was a blog worthy story.

Taking Judy to the train and having Chinese before she gets on. That’s our routine for train departures.  Fun weeekend with her.

Today life is good, I hope your is too!


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