Back home but feeling unsettled

31 Mar

It was hard to say goodbye to my brother on Wednesday, hop in the car right after the funeral and start our trip back home. Unfortunately that was the way it had to be.

The funeral was so so special. The little chapel was full of his co-workers, caretakers, and ARC employees who were teaching him to sing and draw! He was becoming quite an artist. To watch the wheel chairs and the other challenged friends of his all go up to the casket was heart wrenching. His Sunday school teacher did a wonderful job overseeing the funeral and he had some great John stories. It was interesting to know that John read the bible during the week and they would discuss on Sunday mornings. Such a special brother.

Billie and I rode back to Topeka that afternoon and it was wonderful to have some one on one with her. That happens like once every 5 years! Denny and Ispent the night with Cindy and Chuck and then were up very early to get home in time to pick up Jumper and Bendi. They were so happy to see us and us them.

The house is in total turmoil. Denny is putting new flooring in our bedroom. I love the new blue he painted the walls. He has to use the table saw in the office area due to the snow. I spent all morning with Justin and then a phone call to our internet provider trying to get our internet back. Thank goodness, it is up and running strong. I just spent the last 2 hours working on reservations and confirming some online dates. Now, I have to think of the next project to start on. Of course I would love to sew, which may just happen because we are expecting about a foot of snow.

We are both going to get back in a healthy eating routine. After literally sitting by hospital beds for a couple of weeks I am seriously bloated. Once again, I definitely hope to incorporate exercise this season. I really must because my heart is going to get squishy.

I feel weird just blabbing on. I feel like I need to be quiet and still and mourn. But, is mourning even a possibility for anyone? You have to go back to work, go back home, go on with life……. It doesn’t feel good to me.


One Response to “Back home but feeling unsettled”

  1. Ruth 03/31/2017 at 6:26 pm #

    There is no right or wrong way to mourn, in my opinion. Do what you need to, and remember John with love. Thinking of you and family 💔

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