January 1, 2017

31 Dec

It’s not quite 2017 but wanted to write tonight. This will be my 11th year of jbirdworld. Crazy. Is still need to print out a few years so I can get them in notebooks. Who knows, maybe my book will happen some day.
We’ve had a nice day together and with my sister Judy and Marvin, Juli’s kids Lacey and Jonathon. She would be so proud of her kids and how they are growing into fine young people. Spent time with my Mom who continues to amaze us. We talked politics, travels, family history. She is so sharp. We took a couple of walks around the halls and I couldn’t believe how fast she went.

Jumper seems a little lost without Meeko. I wonder what a pet thinks when their buddy is gone? I can’t wait to see how he reacts to Bendi. I hope it is fun. Meeko hated Jumper when we first got him.



We head home tomorrow and hope to be home Monday afternoon. We really love our little place down there. The weather will be in the 80’s a few days so golfing should be great and the start of my new exercise regimen. I downloaded this app in the beginner phase which combines walking/running. We’ll see, no promises as of now. Have already begun cutting back on sugar drinks and next step is caffeine. Again no promises, just trying. River Bennd is a good place to be for these projects, especially with the pool.
Thinking about 2016 and ready to let go of it. It was a good year and an emotional year for me. We bought our Brownsville place last February and knew we wouldn’t work on it until this year. We were busy in the spring getting the park ready to open. It’s always fun to see who comes and stays with us to help. Last year we had Dale, Mona and Dean and Robin. Since we had so many branches blown down last year, Denny is hoping that clean up won’t be as bad. May was rough due to my back going completely out and feeling anxious about it happening again. The rest of the summer was so busy and business was great. The grandkids spent their first 5 days ever away from Mommy and we had a really good time. Hopefully they’ll come again in 2017. For the first time in 30 years of sobriety I really struggled with the desire to drink. Drinking is part of the rving experience but when it gets out of hand I get very uncomfortable. But…..thanks to some wonderful friendships, AA and getting back to prayers and spirituality and made it through a rather horrible time.
A couple of years ago I reconnected with my high school friend Judi. We had India in common. In August she asked me to join her on trip to Mumbai in November. She also said she would go to Namakkal with me. Fast planning of getting a Visa and figuring out dates and then finding out we were flying business class. We left on Nov 3 and returned on November 16. It was a fabulous trip and a few new mission ideas for both of us.
Since November 17 we have traveled from Colorado through Kansas and Arkansas to Brownsville and then once again back to Colorado, Kansas, and Arkansas for the Christmas holidays. Will be totally fine to not travel until we head home in March!!
2017 business wise is looking excellent. We are both going to try and enjoy our business and the great people we meet. It’s amazing how many new friends we have made. I’ll start the spring with a Ricky Tims quilt retreat in March. There will be 2 retreats at the park in May and October. My friend Carol will continue to teach through the summer so there will be a lot of creativity happening. Hope to lose a little weight. We are both very aware that life is precious each day. Happy New Year everyone and I hope to keep up with my blog this year.

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