9 Nov

What an exciting/scary few days we have had. Of course I was very surprised by Trump winning. Actually I was in shock and sadness. It as very difficult to keep up from over here because the updates didn’t keep up.

Soooo….Judy came home with some news that was even more shocking than Trump.  The 500 and 1000 Rupees are no longer any good.  This means we have a pile of rupees that are worthless.  We are set to fly to Namakkal Friday. Beginning today you will be able to exchange old rupees for new ones but only 4000 a day.  That is equal to $60 dollars. They are also doing away with the 1000 rupee and going to the 2000.  This is all due to the government putting a halt to the black market of counterfeit rupees. No one knew this was going to happen because it was imperative that the counterfeiters would not know the new design of the rupees.  We are here at a very historic time because this has never happened in India!!!

Tuesday here is your Monday. The company that Rich, Judys husband, works has started a give back to the community missions. Tuesday we visited the children’s cancer ward at the Government Hospital. The mission is called Cuddles. 3 years ago they began the program to help with nutrition for the children in between their cancer treatments. They also provide food for the families during cancer clinic days as the the long hours of waiting and while their children are having chemo is grueling.  We passed out hard boiled eggs, an ensure like milk, a small meal and bananas. They are so grateful because before this program they would be sitting on the floors in the hallways where it is so crowded and very warm with nothing to eat. The children would not anything to eat after their chemo treatments.  Also many of them have traveled as far away as 12 hours and will be doing that trip the next day.  Now they will have nutrition to help them through their treatments. They will have food sent home with them. The ward had about 40 children receiving their treatments. I felt like they were being well cared for and there were nurses and doctors there checking on them. The walls are painted with giant Disney characters.  They are in iron cribs that looked antique. The Cuddles employees were fabulous and have very busy jobs. The company provides milk and anything else that they may need for 2 months. There were all forms of cancer being treated and ages from newborn to around 7 are the ages of the children we met. The families were very sweet but you could see the sadness in their eyes for their little ones.

I am so disappointed because I haven’t figured out how to get photos onto the page. Hopefully my descriptions will suffice for now.  Our next mission of the day was visiting with girls who had been rescued from sex traffickers. I cannot go into details but when I see you in person or if you come to a presentation I will tell you more in detail.  Just know that the work the social workers do is over and beyond what is needed to help these girls. It was heart wrenching to know some of the stories.

Of course my mind is racing on how I can help and Judy and I hope to come up with something along with the company employees.

Today is market day to look for fabrics. We hope to be able to use credit cards but many merchants may not have that capability. I imagine they will have a hard week until the rupees really get back into circulation. Our friend Lorna is joining us. She is an ex Pat from Michigan.

We had a wonderful dinner last night at The Good Wife in the banking district of Mumbai.  Padua and Angi treated  us. Much laughter. Beautiful buildings and architecture.

Interesting tidbit: Just because you live in the slums doesn’t mean you aren’t working or have nothing. Many families own that little piece of land and then as they have more income they add a level and sometimes even another level.  That takes many years. Now as we drive through many slum areas, I envision their wealth by the size of their shanties.

I did see some kite flying on one of our journeys. I am so glad I don’t get car sick anymore.  With all the slamming on the brakes and starting back up there is a lot of jerking around.  I will never complain about bumpy gravel roads in La Veta or anywhere else again.  You don’t know bumpy like bumpy is here.  Many homeless dogs on the street and it seems they like to do their barking at night.  It sounds like they are all talking to each other.

That’s it for today.  Next big adventure is heading to Namakkal tomorrow. We are flying to Maduri by way of Chennai and then Dr. Samuels and driver will pick us up and we’ll drive to Nammakal.



2 Responses to “Trumperupee”

  1. Dana 11/11/2016 at 3:52 am #

    Glad you are back. Missed your blogs. Enjoy your time in India – you are amazing! Dana

  2. duartlingo 11/12/2016 at 3:09 pm #

    I’m glad you are back as well, I need to be entertained these days. You would have loved Bill Maher this week. Miss you, love you, even with Trump, we all seem to still be here.

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