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6 Nov

I thought my India trip would be a good time to start back writing.

This summer was rather difficult for me emotionally and I felt I couldn’t write about what was happening. Some issues were resolved but I still have a couple of problems to still deal with regarding next season. Can you believe that will be our 5th year. Whew. We have many reservations already.  It has still been a great fit for Denny and I.  He still keeps the park and buildings in immaculate condition. I still keep everything in the office and house in a chaotic state!! Thankfully I hired my friend Terri to work at least one day a week and she was a great organizer. She once said to me “It amazes me how much you accomplish being so unorganized”. I thought that was funny.

It is now 12:04 am Monday morning. Still struggling with sleep times, but that is okay because we are on such a laid back routine. I so love being with Judy. It is incredible how our lives have been so similar since high school. We have had some great conversations. Her husband Rich is an engineer and has been working over here for 3 years I think. They have a lovely apartment that overlooks the city from the 23rd floor. Today I met some of their friends. Extremely fun brunch and conversation. Lorna was so hysterically funny with her stories and Robyn and I had many interests like I have, including quilting. I’m a little concerned about my fabric shopping because she said much of the fabric is not the best quality but we have plenty of time look and I hope I can come across some great prints.

Looking forward to this afternoon.  We will meet Judys friends at a hotel for Lunch and Mahjong! Who knew. Then we both have massages at 3. Can’t wait for a yummy massage. Back has been cooperating pretty well. I was really flared up from running through JFK with no shoes on and a heavy backpack. Was so thankful for being in business class and those wonderful reclining chair/beds. Forget tiny homes, I could live in a tiny cubicle like on the plane. There was storage, tv, tray table, cabinets, etc. All  I would need is a tiny sewing machine and a few yards of fabric. 👍

Denny should be in Brownsville . He drove a trailer down with furniture, tools, sewing machines, golf clubs.  I hope he can play some golf before heading home. I’m excited about being in Brownsville and getting our place all decorated. Our friends Sherry, Dave, Robin and Dean are already there. We have a lot of traveling to do when I get back and we really won’t be totally settled until January.

Thats it for now. Will try to write as we do our many activities the next 10 days.


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