Monday, Monday, so bad to me

9 May

black eye
It’s been a very strange day. Yesterday morning I felt like my left eye was getting a hive on it. So..I took a benedryl. A couple of hours later I look in the mirror and see the beginning of a black eye!! Have no idea how. I don’t remember bumping it or Denny hitting me, or my dogs hitting me. I didn’t think about it too much yesterday. Actually had a nice day. My friend Linda came by and we discussed quilt ideas. She has a brain like me and tries to make projects harder than they really need to be. We are both very busy and have busy minds and talk too fast. She owns a toxic free company that sells toxic free products all over. Plus she has many employees, etc. We both decided to calm the hell down and do what we can. If you would like to check out her products search Linda Chae and you’ll see her name and Beyond Natural with it. I use some of her facial products and will carry their bug spray this year. It’s never too late to be as organic and pure as we can. (Yes I know Pepsi isn’t organic or pure!!)
Speaking of Pepsi. I have totally screwed my stomach inside out trying various fiber drinks, probiotic, prebiotics, and the ever popular Squatty Potty. Tummy feels a little better but have quite a way to go. For a month starting today-no sugar.
Doesn’t mean for the rest of my life but for 30 days to see what happens. On top of the stomach I have itchy foot, the black eye, back on estrogen, and new glasses. I wear the trifocals and now that I have smaller lenses, my focals will take me awhile to adjust. Right now when I walk outside, the ground comes up and I feel like a little person. Eye doctor thought my black eye looked okay on the inside but it isn’t focusing correctly. Maybe tomorrow it will be less fuzzy for heaven’s sake.
We have had our front yard and then today our driveway back hoed to fix some water lines. It’s a mess but we won’t have to worry about that issue again. Thankfully there wasn’t a leak in the park. I can’t imagine what it would be like to dig up the whole place. Yikes.
I’m kind of in a doomsday mode. Just read where some islands have disappeared due to climate change. A few days ago there was an article about part of the ocean suffocating. The ever present San Andreas fault was in the news. Back in the day my therapist told me I had “existential anxiety”. I kind of feel that way right now. It’s weird but it will pass. I feel rather secure in our little town of La Veta. No impending doom seems to be lurking around us. Maybe a chance meeting with a bear or mountain lion?? I feel for the Midwest tonight with all the horrible tornadoes. Haven’t read the news tonight to read about damage.
Business will begin picking up in about another week. My friend Carol is doing a Watercolor Batik class this weekend so painting will be a good outlet for a couple of days. I also have 1 tee shirt quilt to sew together for a graduate, 1 twin bed quilt to back and bind for a bed in the cabin, another throw to back and bind to use in one of the campers. Robin and Dean left Saturday after spending a week with us. Dean was a great help to Denny and Robin embroidered all of my in stock sweatshirts. First time in 4 years that I actually have inventory.
Finally it is just about time to start planting flowers, herbs and some veggies. Since part of our front yard is dug up, it will be easy to start a new flower bed. No snow is predicted but it can still get pretty chilly at night. I had pretty good luck last year with deer proof flowers. A big problem that is getting bigger are the bunnies. There are many hopping around.
Jumper and Meeko are in full “mommy’s assistants mode” in the office. They come a running when the entry bell goes off. This morning a customer gave Jumper 2 treats and they were too big for his mouth and she had to dig them out of his mouth! I’ll do a video of them at work one of these days.
That’s it for now from the rambling Jbird.
Peace everybody.

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  1. Jacqueline L Frost 05/10/2016 at 11:19 am #

    Good grief girlfriend!

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