Open for Season 4

25 Apr

We officially opened on Saturday, April 23.  I thought I was ready for the campers to start checking in, but….I was totally not ready. Sometimes I really do worry about my brain.  I didn’t have info packets ready, registration cards, hadn’t hooked up my new chip square, had updated my prices in the computer or Ipad. Seriously I was not ready.  It was  a good kick in the butt to get ready and now I feel very efficient.  Our friend Ramona is here helping Denny with mowing, raking branches, painting, and some woodworking projects. She is a wonderful friend and we are so glad she is here. I really like women who are able to run chainsaws, regular saws, fix anything. It’s not that I am afraid of doing those because they may be too hard, but I would definitely have missing fingers and would surely cut off one of my legs. So while they are doing the manual labor I am manning the phones. It is going to be a fun, crazy summer.

Denny is bringing home our new picture window for the cabin.  It will be nice to get that in and the cabin cleaned up. Luckily the plastic has held up during the latest storms. Meeko and Jumper are already being my assistants and are pouting because we don’t have the treats out yet, so they are working for free at the moment.

Robin and Dean are coming in tomorrow. Robin will help get many sweatshirts embroidered and Dean will help Denny. (Does it seem like if you come visit us that all you do is work????)  Dale and Buddy, our faithful work campers will be here next weekend. Very thankful for all of our buddies.

Had my physical last week and I think I freaked out my doctor. Why do I have to have so many weirdo issues? Anyway we start with first issue this week and then go down the list with the others. I am getting new glasses. Appointment tomorrow and I think I back away from the big thick frames. I have a new hairdo which I don’t think the bigger glasses look as nice.  Speaking of hairdo.  Most of my hairpieces I don’t need to style. I just put them on in the morning and go.  This hair is more natural and moves around like real hair. You wouldn’t believe how crazy I look at times. I also don’t know how to style hair which this one needs, so that is frustrating  for me. How do women mess with their hair everyday. It’s exhausting!!!

jay new hair

That’s it for now.  Making hamburger/mashed potato casserole for dinner. Printing notecards, finishing an applique project and……try to find the curtains I purchased last week for the living.






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