12 Apr


Elliott bed

mom train

Finishing up my quick trip to Topeka, Holiday Island and Topeka. It has been a really good little trip. Billie and the kids are doing well. My Mom was great and even managed a quick game of Mexican train. It was a hectic game since the kids were playing, but she hung in there.
It was fun because the kids cousins, Mallory, Cooper and Sutton were with my sister, so there was a lot of swimming and card playing happening.
The car trip went well until a few too many curves for Elliott on the way home. After we were out of the curves, everyone was better. I even struggle with that 86 highway. My Mom told a story about me when I was about 5. We were on a car trip and I had been very car sick most of the way. One time when we got out so I could be sick, she said I just waved at all of them and didn’t want to get back in the car.
It was a beautiful time to be in Arkansas. The dogwoods were blooming along with the redbuds. Lots of motorcycles riding around. There was a UFO convention in town too. Didn’t see anything strange but that would have been interesting.
Feeling happy. KC is doing well with his concrete business and it is wonderful to see how far Billie and the kids have come this last year and a half. They have a good routine. It was very exciting to watch Cade play in his tennis match for Jardine against Chase. I remember watching Billie play there at his age and I probably played there when I was in 7th grade. He and his partner won their doubles match and were the only ones to win for Jardine. I so hope this may be a good sport for Cade. He was a very good sport and I was very proud of him. Kyler is doing well in school and has taken up eating healthy. He was also doing front flips on the trampoline this afternoon. That would be cool if he did gymnastics but I don’t even if they have that anymore. Elliott and I had lots of special times together. She is crazy like her Mom and I. Very clever and funny. Bottom line it feels good for our families stars to be in alignment.
Denny drove in from La Veta today. He has a doctor appt in the morning and then we’ll stop by our friends Lawrence and Cinda in Manhattan.
Could have a big snow this weekend at home. We’ll see. Of course we always need the moisture. Mike and Steph will be in town. Also having dinner with several friends one evening.
Getting reservations like crazy. The phone rings many times a day.
I had a rough tummy day today but did manage to get everyone called back.
Looking forward to getting home and really get many projects done. Luckily a few friends will be helping me out. Feeling excited about the upcoming summer. We really have a lot of nice people that come through and many of them return so it feels like family when they all get settled in.
That’s it for now.


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