Park Model Life

2 Mar

I am thinking of our park model village as a tiny home village.  We’ve been helping Dave and Sherry and Dean and Robin with their moves to their new places.  Dave and Sherry lived in a 30 ft 5th wheel and have moved to a park model/Texas room. Dean and Robin bought Dave and Sherry’s place and are moving out of their 20 ft camper. Denny is getting ready to sheet rock our new place. We won’t move into it this year, but I do hope to move my machines over there today. For some reason the power went off and…..we have a broken waterline in the motorhome and….my serger went kaput. Serger going to shop today, electric company coming today, rv people coming today.

First day without boot! I will try not to overdo it like playing golf, but so far so good.

Have had a busy morning just visiting.  It is a very friendly place and people are always out walking around. Today I will be playing Mahjong with the real mahjong group. For money too.   I need to take plenty of quarters and nickels because I’m sure  I won’t win.

I think we are picking out paint today.  Yellow with gray accent in the Texas room. Moving sewing machine over today.

Took my serger in to be repaired.  I first I was hesitant because the shop looked so run down in San Benito. But…surprise.  A lovely little woman looked at the machine and knew exactly what was happening and thinks she can fix it. It also was a dress shop that had beautiful formals for quinceneras and Cotillions which are big deals down here. Happy to have found the shop.

Super Tuesday. Oh my, what an election year. Trump, so unbelieveable. I am lost on who to vote for as of now.

That’s it for now.



One Response to “Park Model Life”

  1. duartlingo 03/07/2016 at 12:54 pm #

    You know who to vote for…………..Bernie, of course.😊

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