63 years young

30 Jan

Many of you may have seen on FB but here I am in my birthday suit at a nudist resort.  I’ve always been very shy regarding be nekked and this was a great thing to do. It was quick!!! I had called ahead of time to see if I could do a quick dip. I told her it was on my bucket list. She said that was a first and said that I could come do it. I had to give my ID to check in. She was very excited about my visit and said that the owner of the resort was sorry to have missed my visit. She wanted to do a story for the national nude newsletter about it being my bucket list.  Sooo….after checking in it was off to the pool.  When we walked into the bathhouse I asked where the women’s bathroom was.  Uhhhhhh, no you all shower together.  Ooops.  I did find a bathroom stall and undressed in there and wrapped myself in a towel.  Then I walked to the shower area and yes there were some men in their showering too.  They said “you can’t shower in your towel!!!”. So off went the towel and a quick shower and then the towel back on.  Off I went outside and was told that water volley ball was just about to begin. “No thanks, I’m just here for a minute”. So I walked straight to the pool dropped my towel and realized I was by the deep end. Oops, I ran around to the shallow end and got into the pool. I posed and Maria took my picture.  Then I swam over to the other side, climbed out and Maria had rounded up to men to hold my birthday sign. Picture clicked and I’m back inside getting dressed. There was a lady inside getting undressed. We visited and she was from Iowa and had been a nudist for 18 years!!. They winter at this resort.  All in all, it was a great thing to do. The pool felt wonderful and I could have spent the afternoon there.  It was amazing how comfortable I felt after 10 minutes or so.  Everyone was very friendly.  I did do a few peeks but I didn’t ogle which is huge for me. A rookie nudist is called a “Cottontail” because they have white butts!!!. My cohorts were all outside waiting for me in the truck.  They saw all sorts of activities-bike riding, walking the dogs, etc.  The location of the bicycle seats on nude butts was a bit much for them.  Oh my…..

After that adventure we went to the Riverside Restaurant and had lunch. Our Lake Wabaunsee friends Bill and Marsha joined us.  Very fun lunch and lots of laughter.  Last night Sherry and Dave had a little fire ring and we met several more people. Of course, the nudist story was told again and again much laughter.

Today is tattoo day. I’m going to have a quilt block put on my ankle and have my ring touched up.  We are doing that in S Padre. Dean and Robin are going with us.  They are enjoying their 3rd week of full time rving.  Golfing tomorrow.  The weather has been really great. Funny, first time on the course it was really windy and wet, 2nd time-cold and wet, 3rd time-perfect.  I shot the same score basically.  It’s me, not the weather, not the course.

Adios for now.


2 Responses to “63 years young”

  1. Dick Wood 01/30/2016 at 8:28 am #

    I posted on your FB page that having another birthday each year was getting “monotonous,” Well you certainly took the monotony out of this one, Cottontail.

    City Limits

  2. Becky 01/30/2016 at 10:11 am #

    Girl…..you are hilarious! Post pictures of the quilt block tattoo. I was there for the RING tattoo!

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