January 27, 2016

27 Jan

We are settled and having a wet and rainy day here in Brownsville. So far the weather has really been warm although windy at times. We have decided to not purchase anything this year. It’s very tempting due to the prices, location, friendly atmosphere, golfing, pool, etc. We have obsessed quite a bit, but now can relax since we’ve made the decision. (Wow, us make a sensible decision!!!) Our friends Dave, Sherry, Robin and Dean have purchased and we will still come down and hang out in our motorhome.

It’s an interesting area. We are literally on the Rio Grande. Even though we haven’t seen border activity, it is happening. Apparently there is a little bit of land that isn’t fenced. The Mexicans swim over carrying marijuana on their back and there is someone waiting for them on this side. Now, this isn’t really a big thing because the river is only about 30 yards. The sad thing is that it is usually children doing the swimming. I’m not sure why they try because there are zillions of border patrol but it keeps happening. Apparently legalizing marijuana isn’t cutting down the pot coming over?? The few things I have tried medicinally (yes, that is true), haven’t relieved any pain. Friends have tried some of the edibles but they didn’t feel anything either. I do have one friend who has a license to buy medicinal pot and has for years. She did say you have to know the right place to buy. All I know, back in the day, early 70’s, pot used to kick my ass.

Another miracle this week was Denny celebrating his birthday. We all drove over to S. Padre and had dinner at Dirty Al’s.  They have great boiled shrimp and we all gorged ourselves. Another plus to this area is the closeness to beach areas. He also didn’t kill me for putting his birthday video on FB!! He’s an incredible 70 year old. We started going out when he turned 50 and I always say I was his mid life crisis. Now I may be his late life crisis.

I am trying to get into the routine of sewing. I don’t know why I feel like I must do so much all the time. It really has felt good to just relax, do some yoga, play some golf, but I let myself feel a little overwhelmed regarding projects. Back to my Untethered Soul book.

I think we may go see the “Revenant” this afternoon. I hear it is really exciting.  Stay tuned to hear about what I am doing for my birthday.  It is something that is a bucket list thing.

I am struggling with a painful cyst or something yucky on my back.  It feels like it is actually in a nerve. Can that be?? I’m trying to leave it alone but it even hurts when I move my shoulder. Yuk

That’s it for now.







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