Brownsville, TX

18 Jan

We arrived from Llano today at 4 pm. I think I’m going to like this place.  It’s beautiful and green, palm trees, the golf course looks great.  Only bad thing is that I have to come to the clubhouse to use internet.  It is really odd why places don’t want to invest in good wifi service.  But other than that I think we will like it here.  We are literally 100 yrds from the Rio Grande so if you thought we were close to Mexico in Naco, AZ, we are really close here.  I do see security walking around the perimeter so feel safe.

There is a heated pool, yoga, bicycle paths in Brownsville, an 18 hole golf course.  There is a quilting group, bridge group and maybe pickle ball. Denny has 2 plastic tables set up for my sewing machines.  I must work 3 hours every night to get all the items sewn that I need to in these next 2 months. That gives me all day to be outside.

Our friends Dave and Sherry are here and Robin and Dean will arrive next week. It seems to be an exceptionally friendly place and I have met the activity director. She is from Colorado! This will be home until around March 25.

Goals: Continue working on the Untethered Soul, cut down on caffeine, get tummy and esophougus in better shape, walk 15,000 steps 5 times a week, and relax. I’ll post photos as we begin walking around, etc.

We all went to see Star Wars in Llano. Fun movie.  I actually stayed awake for the entire movie.

Feels good to feel good emotionally today!!







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