Llano, TX

15 Jan

Laaaaaano, not Lahhhno. After a few more jeep issues which meant we spent a night in Sammies RV park in La Veta, we were on the road to Texas on Wednesday about 11. Arrived in Amarillo by 5:30.  I hadn’t traveled in the motorhome for 3 years. It’s a fun way to travel and……diesel is wayyyy cheap right now so that makes it even better. When you only get 6-7 miles to a gallon, cheap is better.

Life is funny.  Because we had to spend another night in town, we ran into our friend Jim, who happened to have some magnetic tail lights which he loaned us to put on the jeep so we didn’t have to worry about getting pulled over for no tail lights.

The RV park we stayed in at Amarillo is also owned by the Texas Steak House. It’s known for the 72 oz steak that they offer for you to eat. While we were there 2 people were attempting it. They have a big clock that times you for an hour. I tried eating a 20 oz t-bone and didn’t quite make it. It was nice to get it for free after many issues before it was actually on the table. It was nice getting picked up by a limo at the rv park for the ride to the restaurant. Free but we did give tips.

Fun to be back in the Hill Country. I played my first 9 holes of golf since last March. Back did great and so did hip. Yay!! I even had 2 pars and 1 birdie. Nice to be outside in the sun and warmth. Played with Denny and Dale. Tomorrow I am quilt shop hopping starting in Bandera and coming back through Kerrville, Fredricksburg and Llano. Love all these shops.

Saturday night 6 of us are going to the little theater in town to see Star Wars. Only $4!! Should be fun. We will head to Brownsville on Sunday. We are about 7 hrs. from there.

Have had several phone calls from the Wildlife officer from La Veta regarding the dog taking down the deer. He found the owner of the dog and was going to give him a citation today for $276.  Another dog in town was put down after he took down a deer and killed it. I’m glad they are getting serious about these loose dogs. Once they kill an animal they are not the same. We had so many issues with the dog that was put down last summer in the park.  It’s very sad because it could be a sweet dog but it wasn’t taken care of and would bark all night at times. I hope the owner takes care of the other 4 dogs he has. I realize our town has too many deer but there has got to be a humane way to thin the herd. We have so many because of the severe drought of 2002 when the different herds came into town to find food. Many of the deer have never been out of town and the tourists find them endearing.

Billie has been posting some good articles on children and grief. Children handle their grief differently. It comes out in their school work, activities, home. Soooo difficult. I hope someday they will feel better but it is a long process. It’s very hard to know the right thing to do and say and I wonder if they really know what to say. My heart aches every day but I am handling it in a stronger way.

Speaking of summer, beginning to get calls about everyday for reservations. Even May is getting pretty busy.

We are having poor wireless issues and will also have problems in Brownsville. Today I called AT&T and they helped me get set up on our Iphone Hot Spots.  It’s very cool and will help me a lot so I don’t have to go to the  club house to work.

I think that’s it for now.  Need to leave for Bandera by 8 am.






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