The Unlucid Mind

10 Jan


It was such a beautiful morning with a bright sun and glistening snow. I was able to get a few photos of the birds at the feeder. I was very happy to see the Cassin Red Finches and that I actually caught the birds in flight.

I began my morning by having a wonderful massage by Diana. Usually she and I talk quite a bit during the session, but today I tried to just focus on the music and the massage mentally.  My roommate kept my mind quite busy during the hour, but I still felt refreshed.

Bill is working on my Bird’s Nest page that will be for selling my items in the shop. Today I began embroidering shirts and towels to take photos of to insert into the page.  It is really cool what he is putting together, it will even have Paypal!! After working for a few hours, I left around 3 to meet MItzi for a walk.

I was on Oak St when I saw a dog chasing a yearling deer. They were running so fast, at first I thought the dog was a mountain lion. As they ran by me, I could hear the deer crying, sounded like a lamb. I saw them go around a barn and I heard the deer crying and I thought the dog had grabbed it. I began running to see if I could get the dog to stop. As I ran around the barn I saw that they were still running. I was screaming “Stop, Stop!!”. I lost sight of them. I was catching my breath when I heard the deer crying in the distance. I ran again to see where it was and I found them in the alley and the deer was on the ground.  I was sick.  I started screaming again and throwing snow at the dog. (The snow is so deep, there weren’t any rocks to pick up.) Finally the dog stopped biting as I got closer and he came running toward me and on down the road to his owner!!! It was about 1 1/2 blocks and I could see the owner leash the dog up. I was screaming like a maniac at him telling him that the dog had hurt a deer. By this time MItzi had caught up with me and another lady who had seen the commotion came out. We went to see the deer, who by this time had moved. We were relieved that he was up and walking but you could see blood dripping from his hind end.  I began sobbing and was so upset. The sound of the deer crying was heart wrenching.

I gave up on my walk and went home. I was still crying when I came into the house and told Denny what happened. I immediately wrote a letter to the editor and posted it on FB.  I have had many responses.  Tomorrow I am going to call the Marshall and give a description of the dog. Through FB, I think we know who the owner is and hopefully we can put a stop to this dog. He has also hurt other pets in the town. We’ll see if the town will become more proactive regarding loose dogs.

I still had items to embroider, so I went back to work. I’m achy and my head has been pounding since the incident. I’m sure my running through the deep snow jerked around a few muscles.  Who knew I could run!!! It was definitely one of those adrenalin stories.

Tomorrow I must get serious about packing.  We still plan on leaving Tuesday if all goes as planned. It will all happen.







One Response to “The Unlucid Mind”

  1. Debbie Lee 01/10/2016 at 3:39 pm #

    I love this website Jay and I was thinking about what you had gone through all night last night and I am and have been praying for peace and the owner of the dog has a conscience….

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