Who Am I???

8 Jan

Chapter 3 of the “Untethered Soul” is Who am I? I have pondered this for 4 days. I still don’t know who I am but…I remember something several years ago my therapist telling me “you are a human doing and you need to be a human being”. Soooo, I’ve been concentrating on that. Today’s chapter 4 is The Lucid Self. I couldn’t even stay lucid reading the few pages. That chapter will take me a few days to process. I am enjoying this book. Now Denny is even referring to his “friend” in his head. Our “friends” are busy because we have so much to do before we try to head out on Tuesday. Many issues with the jeep, it is snowing like crazy today, Denny is getting the rv organized, I’m trying to get my sewing organized, today I tackle the office which is a disaster area.
Even though we have all this going on it’s been a good week. My besties Mitzi and Ginny spent the day in Alamosa on Wednesday. After stopping by the insurance place (finally insured for the year) and a Walmart stop we headed to Hooper Pool. First we made a wrong turn. We turned around and made it back to the highway and then found the right turn. We are so cool. When we discovered we were on the wrong road, no biggie, just turned around. Then when we arrived at the pool we discovered it didn’t open til 1. So back to Alamosa we drove and had a wonderful Chinese lunch. Back to Hooper and had a wonderful couple of hours in the pools. (This entailed about a total of a hundred miles by the time we made it back to Hooper.) I’m very lucky in my friendships!!
Below are some photos. One is the repainted guest bedroom, my wall hanging which I now have 4 orders to make more, and Mitzi, Ginny and I at Hooper Pool in the snow. The wall hanging turned into a memory wall hanging. Once can sew on their charms, trinkets, pins, etc. Those items that just hang around in a box.
IMG_1503 (1)

IMG_1506 (1)




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