November 1, 2015

1 Nov

The park is officially closed for the season. It was a remarkable season and the best so far. We are still up for the next 2 years as of now. We tend to live our lives on the 5 yr plan. I basically work all year taking reservation which are already overwhelming for 2016. RV’ers definitely plan ahead. I did get all of the 2016 reservations updated on the official reservation book. It should be an exciting season. I have 2 quilt retreats scheduled, 6 art classes, another pastel class possiblilty and a possible square dance lesson! Denny has already emphatically told me he will not square dance!!! So has Dale!!!
Yesterday was the year anniversary of Justin passing away. It still surprises me the level of sadness I have regarding it. I can still cry just talking about it and I still cry when I think of Billie’s family and Justin’s family. Life changing event. So many friends are also going through the grief process; Linda, Jackie, Matt’s family, Bob, Julie’s family, Judy’s family, Marsha, Becky and Jack,…..
I’m looking at today as the beginning of a new year. I hope to spend a couple of months being creative and not focusing on what I need to make for orders. My “Pavo Real” (spanish for peacock) has inspired me to paint, paint, paint!! My friend is going to make a few prints for me and I’ll make note cards. Pavo Real is now being framed and I should have him this week. I also came across some shiny silver and gold fabric that I am going to use for my first Crazy Quilt. Jude Montano lives here and she is known world wide for her fabric art. Her beginning class is the Crazy Quilt and I have her book and DVD so I will learn that way. Also this year my friend Juanita and I are going to make a donation quilt to raise money for the La Veta Library.
We will be heading out beginning Nov. 6 for about a month. We’ll be heading to Arkansas to see Mom who is not feeling to well. Then we head to Topeka for my Nov. 10 neurosurgeon appt. I’m anxious to see what he will say regarding treatment for my issues. Today I am going to start walking everyday. No excuses of work or being too tired or I have to make a bowl holder, etc. and I know that will help my back issues.
On Nov. 15 we are taking Billie and the kids and KC to Occidental Mexico for 6 days. We thought it would be good to get everyone away. The last time I took both of my kids on a family vacation was when they were 11 and 16. After 4 days of pouting and being bratty and frustrating me to no end, we finally got in the car to head home. I said and I quote “That will be the last f……. family vacation we will ever go on!!!!” And it was. Now KC is 34 and Billie is 39 and we’ll try it again. I know that may sound harsh to those of you who take these wonderful vacations together but I was brought up in a home where the parents took vacations by themselves and then the kids were sent to relatives for their vacation. My first vacation by myself was when I was 12 and I flew to New York City where my grandmother Betty picked me up. We went to the 1964 Worlds Fair, a Broadway play and ate dinner at the Rainbow Room. We then took a train to Vermont where I spent a month. Really, really fun memory. I am looking forward to this family vacation and think it will be good for all of us to be together. And…..this was Denny’s idea. He’s a great Gpa.
After Mexico we will go back to Arkansas and spend a couple of weeks to be with Mom. We’ll be home in December (except for a quick trip to Topeka to see Elliott as a mouse in the Nutcracker) and some of January and then we’ll take our motorhome to Brownsville. I’m looking forward to hanging out with some buddies while there and there is a pool, golf course and quilters!! I am curious about me and golf. I haven’t even wanted to swing a club because the movement gives me a 10 on the pain scale. It would feel very strange to not play again because it has been huge part of my life since I was 34. Denny and I have had so much fun on golf outings. Did you know I took up golf when I quit drinking? I also took up tennis.
My friend Sandi just left and we had a great chat. She lost her mother just over a year ago so we were able to comfort each other through some tears.
Time to go and get my walk in. Also want to visit my friend Dulaney and then I’m back home to sew and hopefully finish my last major order. Enjoying the Royals and so hope they win tonight and be done with it!!!


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  1. Carl 11/01/2015 at 7:43 pm #

    Denny and Dale are such lightweights! I think they would be great square dancers in their cute little western outfits!

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