June 27, 2015

28 Jun

Finally I feel like blogging. Probably not a lot to write about but some tidbits.
The last I wrote was May 21. So much has happened since then.
It’s been a fabulous summer so far for the campground. This summer we have been full several times since the 1st weekend in June. Lots of groups and people from all over the country and Canada. I have had has many countries this summer but maybe later on.
May was a little crazy and cool and rainy but June has been pretty warm and just little showers. We actually need rain again. Every afternoon we get these big, beautiful thunderheads but the storms kind of go around us.
In May I had my first Quilt Applique workshop. It was great and had a full class. I was able to get to know some local quilters and it was fun getting to know some fiber people. I also had an art work shop in June and we had another full class. I’m calling it “let’s get out of our comfort zones” The ladies really enjoyed it. Why don’t men take these workshops?? Anyway another one is scheduled for next month. Below is Gayle with her masterpiece and she hasn’t painted before.
Billie and the kids came out the first week of June on the train. It was a fun visit. They did the waterpark, Sand Dunes, Hooper Pool, fishing, made walking sticks with a gentleman here in the park and ran around. They were able to stay in the cabin so that was cool.
2 weeks ago Sunday, I was in the game room cleaning up and 2 ladies walked in and yelled “hey where are the showers? I pointed down the hall and they just stood there. Once I looked at them it was Mary and Gayle!!!!!! I was sooooo shocked and we screamed and hugged. Then Mary told me she was here for 6 weeks and I almost fainted. I really needed her because I have been swamped in the office but I didn’t want her to fell that she had to be here this year. Anyway it has been great and we are in mass production of 150 travel trays that need
embroidered and sewn and velcro added. My shop had a great weekend and I have 3 bowlholders and 2 pillow covers to make this weekend.
Busy time ahead next week. Claire, Carleigh, and Karen are coming in on July 1. Claire has a booth in Art in the Park selling her beautiful vintage silverware jewelry. They will leave July 6 and Judy and Marvin arrive July 7. The 4th will be fun with parades and a full park. Most of our seasonals will be in finally. We’ll have a decorated pick up that plays music and our golf cart with the Circle the Wagons mascot “Buddy the big dog”.
Very excited for Billie and her upcoming move into her new place. I’ve seen photos but anxious to see the house. That will happen on July 10. The had to take Easton back to the shelter and then he’ll go into a retriever rescue shelter. He just needs to be with a family who is home most of the time. She sounds happy and the kids are having a fun summer most of the time.
I actually felt happy yesterday for the first time in awhile. I had talked to Billie and KC. Denny, Dale, Mary and I were all eating dinner at the table last night and I just felt content with our little Circle the Wagon family. Stomach has been doing better and back is doing great. I’m not doing any Zumba or golf and not anything twisty. We are all suffering with allergies:itchy noses, itchy eyes, skeeter bites. Moisture is a blessing but it brings other issues that we aren’t usually bothered with during the summer. It is so lush and the trees are so full of leaves and all of our veggies are growing in the greenhouse, and all the flowers we have planted are so bright and colorful and the grossbeaks are bright orange and flying around and singing and the hummingbirds like the flowers and the campers are being great and friendly and complimentary.
That’s it for now. Need to bag my last bag of ice and get to bed. Tomorrow Denny and Dale finally get to play golf with some friends. Mary and I are going to sew, sew and sew. Will be fairly busy in the office checking people in but should be able to make a dent in projects.

One Response to “June 27, 2015”

  1. margie 06/28/2015 at 9:40 am #

    Oh J, I wish I could come to your art class, wish I could come & visit you at your wonderful place! I’m glad your heart is healing & you are feeling happiness. About those bugs, I ordered Amrita Aromatherapy Bug spray from Amazon, it’s a lemon/euculiptis oil and it really works.

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