May 11, 2015

12 May

I can’t believe I’m so behind blogging. Dulany told me yesterday that I hadn’t posted at all in May. It’s hard to play catch up but I will try.
Quite a few things have happened since I last posted. IMG_2545
On May 2 Denny and I drove to Denver for Annual Spring Brunch for the Center for Church and Global AIDS. It was a great day because I was able to see Dr. Samuels from India. He gave a wonderful talk on what is happening in Nammakkal. I was only able to spend a little time with him but it was still a nice chat. He keeps up with us on Facebook.
photo (21)IMG_2543
On May 4 I began a quilt retreat with Ricky Tims. I was so melancholy when it started and really didn’t have anything in mind except I wanted to show my emotions with the fabric and use the Attic Window block. Ricky directed me and I was able to come up with a very nice wall hanging. It was the hardest piece I have done due to all the corners and points but it was worth the time spent. There were 11 of us and it was a wonderful group of ladies. 4 of them were from England which really made the week fun. I knew Julie from the retreat 2 years ago and that was a treat to see her again. The other ladies were from California, Idaho, and Germany. Hopefully some of us will stay in touch.
photo (20)
We had crazy weather all week. Snow, thunderstorms, a little sun, winds. It made it easy to stay inside and work on projects. Our friend Mona arrived from Naco,AZ last Wednesday night. She stayed with us until Monday morning. Very lucky she was here because Dale has a very painful sacrilylac and she was able to help Denny with digging, putting down gravel, cleaning, and she also helped me with some sewing. She can do it all!!
We had an art retreat in the park this past weekend. Carol came down and did a watercolor/batik class. I knew some of the people and met some new artist. Hopefully the next time she comes down I will be able to do a painting. I want to do Meeko and Jumper.
Now it is time to get focused on the park. I do think the retreat was good for me because before it I couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around anything in the office. I’m trying to keep priorities in line. Tonight and tomorrow is bowl holder days. I did sell a 15 pillowcases this week. So I also need to get several of them done before the weekend. We have a group coming in and now we will pretty much have groups come n for rest of the summer. Lots of pancakes. Denny is concerned that I will be making pancakes this weekend. He doesn’t trust me after I melted the pancake make that squirt the batter in a nice round shape last summer. I promised I could do better.
Interesting conversation with Wendy from Germany last week. I was talking about my alopecia and she said it was interesting because she has to talk to someone next week about alopecia and wondered if I could help her with questions! It’s weird how over the years I am much more comfortable talking about my hair issue and they loved the story about Jumper having my wig in his mouth and me chasing him trying to get it.
Had a rather sad Mother’s Day. Billie was very distraught that morning. Thankfully her friend Sherry came over and was with her during the day. Still some sad holidays coming up.
That’s it for now boys and girls. I will try to keep up with blog on a timely matter. I do want to write about our busy summer.


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  1. duartlingo 05/22/2015 at 7:31 pm #

    I’m glad you finally got me caught up. It is hard being sooooooo house bound. Sandy Hackbarth brought lunch last Friday and we got caught up. I do get tired but is so good for my head and heart. Race and Thea also come to play games and make things which I really love. Can’t believe school is over and summer coming. I too love all the rain, but I want to get my veggie garden going when my daughter Marli comes next weekend.

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