Lost on the Southwest Chief!

28 Apr

My cozy roomette.
Sooooooooo…….I boarded the #3 Southwest Chief on Monday morning at 12:30 am. I was told to go to room 13 on the sleeper car. I went right in there and got ready for bed and slept like a baby to the gentle rolling of the train. The next thing I know I am hearing in a soft whisper “pancakes, bacon, eggs, hot coffee, etc..” I’m like am I hearing things, who is that???? In the roomettes, they have a a little speaker above the bed and it was the dining car manager whispering the menu!!! I dozed back to sleep and really wanted to just sleep until my Trinidad stop, but the thought of food and iced tea won out. My table mates were really interesting. A retired New York City judge and his wife who is an artist. We swapped stories and then I went back to my room. Unfortunately, my room was not to be found. I went to 13 on the first sleeper car and my stuff was gone and the room was cleaned. Maybe I’m in the wrong car? I walked into the next sleeper car but someone else was in that room. Oooh. I’m starting to feel strange. I did this twice more looking for my room. One guy came out of his room and wanted to know what I was up to!!!!!! I told him and he said that he was ready to call the conductor and report me!!!! I said “Don’t do that, I just can’t find my room.” I went back to the dining car looking for the attendants and they were no help at all. They said I wasn’t in room 13. At this time I am really trying not to freak out. My next thought is to check with the conductor and they confirm I should be in 13. He came with me downstairs and saw that my stuff was gone and he then went to double check about this problem. I was in the section with all the roomettes when he walked away. I turned around after looking in 13 and I’m looking into a room and I see all my stuff!!!. Good grief. How silly I felt. I was actually in room 12 even though I was supposed to be in 13. Apparently when I got on the attendants told the conductor to put me in 12 but they didn’t tell me.
It was snowing when I got off of the train and snowed off and on rest of the day. We do need the snow and rain but it does make for some muddy doggies. The deer were out and about early this morning. The blessing to the rains is that Denny is able to see the low spots in the rv spots. He will be busy leveling them out this week. Dale and Carl are working hard on our green house. It is going to be soooo cute.
I had a lot of fun at the Sherry’s quilt retreat. Patty, Sherry, Jeannette, and Jan are my friends from Lake Wabaunsee. Sherry lives in Tonganoxie now and has a huge basement where we could all hang out and sew together. It was a frustrating sewing weekend for me because my design idea for my patriotic quilt was too difficult and then it took me hours to figure out a new design. When I did that, then I had to change up that idea to not so many colors. Anyway, I finally ended up with 4 blocks that I really liked so all was not lost.
I left Sherry’s about 3:30 and drove to Topeka to see Billie and kids and was able to spend several hours with them. KC picked up bout 11:30 pm and took me to the train. Now that is a good son!! I also had my instruction class on the Cameo machine that we will be using in the park. Can’t wait until it gets here for us to begin using it. It will be wonderful for cutting designs out for quilts, vinyl letterings and etching glass!!!!!!!
Denny, Dale and Carl did a fine job hosting our group that came in while I was away. We also have a family staying for the week. The mother of the family said she was a library tech and she totally reorganized our books and put them in fiction, non-fiction, etc. order. We have the greatest campers.
It’s fairly quiet rest of the week so I should be able to get some much needed sewing done.
Catching up on all my crazy shows I watch. Bates Motel, The Returned, Married at First Site, Mad Men, The Following. I’m not sure I can watch Grey’s Anatomy anymore without Derek.
We watched “Big Eyes” last night. It is worth watching, especially those of us who had a Big Eye poster hanging in our bedroom during the late 60’s.
Not as melancholy for now. Had a great visit with Billie and she is thinking of moving which I think will be good for the whole family, except Kyler is very upset. It’s a darling house that some good friends of her’s our moving out of. It’s also in a great neighborhood and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!!! This may not sound like a big deal, but Billie has been living in a 2 bedroom and 1 bath house. It will feel like a mansion.
Only 4 1/2 days until we go to Denver on Saturday for the Annual Spring Brunch for HIV/AIDS. Dr. Samuels will be there and I will be so happy to see him. He and Don Messer are non stop advocates for those affected by HIV/AIDS in India, Africa and the United States. It will be exciting to be one of 4 of the Heroes of the Year for the Center for Church and Global AIDS. I was actually the first to be honored as a hero in 2011.
I must get back on track with my eating and treating my esophagus issues. I’m all flared up all over the place, head to toe. For the next 6 months I should be able to stay on a routine. Denny must get a lock on the freezer room door because we now have Schwanns Ice cream in the freezer and I have already eaten 3 drumsticks and they are 200 calories EACH.
That’s it for now.

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