Time to catch up the blog

13 Apr

It’s Monday April 13. 10 days until our first group comes in on the 23rd. Dale and Buddy arrived this afternoon so Denny has help with several projects. Denny has been working on fixing up another room in the cabin so more people can stay in it. I am finally done with my deep cleaning and on to office work and sewing. First item I”m making is a travel tray for Judy with their logo embroidered on it. They are really cool, they velcro at the corners and then you unvelcro them and they lay flat in your suitcase or bag when traveling. When you arrive to your room you velcro it up and use it to put your keys and change, etc. in it. Next I have an order for several bowl holders and 8 sexy pillow cases! I also am making some curtains for the cabin, our kitchen and the office. Hopefully I’ll stay focused.
The weather has been nice the last few days but we do expect snow on Thursday. I hope it is a big one because with some big wind days there have been some grass fires crop north of us.
Have had fun visiting some friends the last 2 weeks. We had dinner in Fort Garland on Friday with Jim and Jeanne and it was delicious. I had lamb chops with some kind of yummy glaze and cooked just like I like them.
Have had my first scary movie night with Mitzi. We saw “It Follows”. Our next one is “Undfriended” which looks really scary.
I am still doing the 21 day sculpting arm exercises. Up to 12 reps x 3 every other day. I don’t know if it is my imagination but maybe my under arms aren’t flapping as much?? Very excited to be back to Zumba. It meets at 5:15 pm Monday and Wednesday which is much better for me than early in the morning.
We’re not drinking pop or eating chips or ice cream or junk food but I am having some deserts and popcorn with butter on it. Not weighing in yet. Maybe May 1.
Loved the Masters and Jordan winning.
Hate that our golf course isn’t opening this year but at least we have Walsenburg Golf Course which will okay.
Love our new counter and stainless steel sink. What we had for counters and sink were pretty gnarly. He is going to put up those glass tile sections, black and white this weekend. It looks so much better. I’m not embarrassed to have people come in the house now.
That’s all I have for now. Haven’t felt like writing lately but pretty soon I should have some good stories as the park opens. Lots of deer coming through, no bears yet. No leaves on the trees yet. Can’t wait to get the greenhouse built.


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