Back to work

31 Mar

We arrived back home on Saturday night. I’m lucky Judy came with us because I was in serious need of a driver. I only had about 2 hours of sleep. Sunday and Monday we all worked hard on various projects. Judy set up and new reservation system and updated my computer. I cleaned out a closet and the laundry room which I have wanted to do the last 2 years. Denny is raking sites, raking deer poop, picking up limbs, and mulching leaves. Today I spent ALL day on the computer setting up my reservation sheets and working with the new system. It’s very cool and will make it easier for people to reserve a site from my website. Judy left on the train last night. We always eat a the Wonderful House chinese place before the train comes. I did something last night that I have never done before. I ate my entire helping of beef and broccoli!!!!!! And an egg roll. And……when we were back home I was still hungry. I tried really hard to not think I have some kind of worm!! Not as hungry today thankfully. We are trying the NO JUNK food challenge for another 21 days to start out our season on a healthier note. It should also help get off that last 5 pounds. I begin Zumba tomorrow night and that will help too. I have really missed that. Mitzi and I will return to our routine except we don’t have to get up at 6 in the morning, they now have a 5 pm class.
Feel a little bit of an altitude thing going on which I hope will pass soon. I think altitude bloats me???
Survived my 2nd endoscopy and my throat looked much better. Will maintain the medicines and inhaler but not as much. I love Dr. Roeder. He explained one of my symptoms that drives me crazy. My stomach seems to want me to know everything it is doing. I feel everything going around corners and stopping and starting, etc….He said that is the Irritable bowel wanting me to know. It’s like it is hypersensitive to every bite of food I take and it wants me to know what it is doing. I am trying another pill, Librax, to hopefully calm that down. I don’t have time to think about my stomach all day long!
Posted on Circle the Wagons FB about my upcoming class on a Toni Whitney kit. I hope I have a good turnout for it. It looks hard but glad we will have an experience instructor to take us through it. The wall hangings are so beautiful. If you know anyone who might like this, please have them contact me. It will be May 29,30 and 31.

Have my first scary movie day this Friday. We are going to see “It Follows”. A little weird feeling because that is exactly what I was doing when we found out about Justin.
We watched “Unbroken”. I liked it but it was a hard movie to make after such a powerful book. The movie would have lasted 8 hours if they could put all of the drama in.
That’s it for now.


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