Wednesday, March 25

25 Mar

Just back to Torrie and Larry’s after watching the kids for a couple of hours. Elliott totally entertained me the whole time. She is becoming quite the artist. Every time I come over she is drawing something Billie was giving “Hot Yoga” a try and she said it was really hot. I like that she is trying new things. I can go home knowing that her family is doing okay, different struggles at different times which is to be expected. Cannot believe it is almost 5 months. She and I were able to spend Tuesday together which was really nice. Very proud of her and the kids.
Today I had my 2 hour instruction on how to use my Serger sewing machine. I’ve been going to Holton to the quilt shop and they directed me to the sewing machine place to get assistance. It’s a really cool machine and I feel comfortable threading 5 spools of thread. It’s amazing what that machine will do. My hope is it will save me a lot of time on some of my items. I love Holton. It has a beautiful town square, shops in all of the buildings, a wonderful restaurant which I can’t remember the name. I love Quilting on the Square and they are great. I will going there for a training on a Cameo machine which cuts out shapes in late April.
I have to be up at 5:15 am to be at Gastro clinic for my 2nd endoscopy. Will be anxious to hear results. I think some things are better and other things are the same. My main concern is that the irregular cells they found before are gone or not cancer cells. I also hope to get some answers regarding my symptoms so I know they are just part of my issues and not something more significant.
After I am done there we will start getting situated to head to Colorado on Saturday morning. Very anxious to get home. All of these different climates have wreaked havoc on my head. I have one of those “barometer heads”. It is snowing in La Veta today but will be very warm this weekend.
It has been an emotional, sad, happy, exciting, busy, emotional, crazy last 6 months. We are very fortunate that we were able to do our traveling these last couple of months and it was so fun seeing so many friends. Many, many reservations. Judy K is going to go back to La Veta with us on Saturday. She’ll get me set up in the office. My mind feels so disorganized and boggled up, it will be nice to have a routine.
My sister Jolene has been in Arkansas with my Mom these last 9 days. So…I had the ice and snow to deal with, she had tornadoes and severe storms to deal with tonight. It’s so great how the sisters work together to help out with Mom.
Have done well with my no cussing for Lent. Now what is cool is that cuss words don’t even enter my thoughts as quickly. Billie couldn’t believe that I wasn’t using the “F” word or anything. My plan is for me to carry it on. Denny and I are going back on the NO Junk foor diet beginning on Monday. We’ve done pretty well but have treated ourselves at times. My biggest downfall was that creme brulet with mocha flavored whipped cream and butterfinger candy bar crunched up on it. I still drool when I think how good that was.
I’m watching some strange things on tv. Just once but I’ve seen “My 600 lb Life”, “Strange Love”, “Little Family” or something like that and a show about strangers getting married after being set up by therapists.
That’s it for now. I’ll check back in after procedure and getting back to Colorado.


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