Ahhhhh, last day in Hilton Head

20 Mar

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Love the starfish photo that Cinda took yesterday on the beach. It looks like it is scooting around. Interesting beach with starfish and lots of sand dollars, including live sand dollars which is new to me. Little horseshoe crabs also. Not a great beach for shelling. We are on our last night staying in a wonderful house that our friend Lawrence reserved for 7 of us. A block from the beach and 5 bedrooms plus a top floor that had plenty of room for me to spread out with sewing projects. Lawrence, Cinda, Noreen, Brad, Marcia and us stayed here. A really nice part of the country. Pretty crowded up with houses but plenty of bike paths. The beach is fantastic for walking since it is flat and not bumpy or tooo sandy to walk in. We’ve had all sorts of weather. Mainly chilly and cloudy and yesterday it poured. Denny and I played golf on Monday with friend Linda, friend we know from La Veta, and Sheila. It was great fun and great weather. Tuesday I was actually able to lay on the beach for awhile. We bicycled around and also cooked out a yummy dinner. We all visited Savannah on Wednesday, interesting town. We had lunch at the Pirates House and met up with our friends Al and Priscilla who used to live in La Veta. Priscilla then gave us a private tour of the downtown area and also let us see their home which is a rowhouse built in 1840. Very very cool. We spent the afternoon wandering and then back to HH. Thursday it poured down rain so Denny and I visited a quilt shop for yet some more fabric, then the golf store where we purchased an “Orange Whip”, a golf training device then met up with Linda and Sheila and their friends from Ohio for lunch. We spent the evening listening to fabulous jazz and eating dinner in the Jazz Corner. Great place and a must, must to make reservations. Just Lawrence and Cinda and us left for morning departure. We are all on the lazy side but the sun has peaked out so we may gather some energy to move about.
Before we arrived in Hilton Head, we spent the night in Eatonton, GA with my friend from the 70’s Vicki and Mickey. Beautiful lake home and great visiting. How fun to see someone from 1975 and able to still feel that special friendship. We were also able to Ed and Linda who live on the other side of the lake. They have built a beautiful home on a nice point. Even though they are also from my 70’s past, we have seen them several times. We spent 2 nights in motels outside of Chattanooga and before St. Louis. We have one more motel to stay in tomorrow night, staying with Rolly and Claire in Indianapolis on Sunday night and then head back to Topeka. That will be the end of our bed/surfing jaunt around the country. By the time we get to Colorado, we will have driven about at least 8,000 miles, maybe more. The Jeep was great to travel in.
It’s been a wonderful 2 1/2 months. I counted up how many friends we have seen along the way and I came up with 53 friends. Wow, how fun it has been. I love staying connected and seeing people. I also love finding out new history from parts of the country. Disappointed we didn’t make it to Difuskie Island which was purchased by the freed slaves. Found out that Savannah is quietly quite segregated. Hilton Head is quite ritzy. Wondering how far KU will make it in the tournament. I don’t have a lot of hope at this time since we are in the bracket with UK. Didn’t know fuzzy sand dollars were alive and I feel bad that I picked one up and just thought it was moldy. I am trying to get a really big horseshoe crab shell to quit stinking so I can take it home. Not sure if it will happen. People are on the grouch side here while walking or riding paths. What’s up with that??? Have had lots of snow in La Veta while we have been away but….we will be home on March 28. Anxious to get going on our park and getting the house sort of organized.
That’s it for now, going to head to the beach and see what is rolling in. :))


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