Restarting our vacation

8 Mar

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We’ve been busy today cleaning, packing, making beds and getting organized to head out of Holiday Island, Ark. It’s been a good visit even though we had such crappy weather. I think we saw the sun twice. The point of being here was to see Mom which we were able to many times. The weather also kept us from taking her out more than once. I can’t keep saying how remarkable she is. When she moved into Green Acres a little over a year ago she couldn’t do anything for herself except eat. Now she gets up and gets dressed on her own. She checks emails and is now on Facebook and loves seeing what her family is up to. She goes to exercise class and participates in the other projects they may have going on. It’s a very loving place where she is and they have put her back on her feet. She loves seeing Meeko and Jumper, especially when Jumper hops up on her lap and lays by her. We also took the dogs to see the other residents and they loved petting them. We are very lucky.
Now we are heading to Springfield for the night and taking my sewing machine in to get serviced tomorrow. We’ll drive over and see my brother while waiting for it to be finished. We’ll be back in Topeka tomorrow night and will be in Topeka for a couple of days. Once again we’ll repack, thankfully this time with golf, bicycling and spring weather clothing. I had to tell Denny to quit telling me how nice the weather is going to be in Hilton Head and reading me the temperatures. I will believe it when I get there. We’ll see if we bring in an off season hurricane or a tornado.
It was disappointing to not be in Selma this week but luckily I have 2 friends there and I am getting first hand news about all of the events. We were going to ride our bicycles from Selma to Montgomery but that doesn’t mean we can’t still do that some other time and also make it St. Augustine some other time.
Our Hilton Head trip will be fun because we’ll be seeing 3 friends who are in the area along with seeing the couples we are meeting up with. We’ll spend Friday night with my friend Vicki in Eatonton, GA. We have not seen each other since around 1975 when I lived in Georgia!! We were great partners in crime. We became FB friends a year ago last fall and have been messaging ever since. Last night I found out that our friend Linda is also staying in Hilton Head and we are going to play golf with her. We will be taking a day trip to Savannah and while there we’ll see friends who used to live in La Veta, Al and Priscilla. We may see Ed and Linda also but we will see how that works. It’s fun having friends all over the place.
The photos are of my latest creation “Sexy Pillowcases”. I had a couple of orders for them already so I spent yesterday making several. Pillowcases are fun to make because they begin by being sewn into the shape of a tube and then when you are done all of your seams are enclosed. Very cool pattern. I don’t know how people think up these ideas. I was able to practice on some quilt block techniques which was fun. Robin and I weren’t able to spend a lot of time together but we did get in one fabric shopping trip. I have my Evening Stroll wall hanging, a twin size quilt and a tee shirt quilt at her home and she’ll quilt them for me. I think I will take my machine with me to Hilton Head and make bowl holders in the evenings.
Getting excited about returning back to La Veta and getting the park set up and my office. They have had a few feet of snow which I’m sure will make a lot of muddy roads but it’s great for our summer water needs. I need to get some prices set for my quilt retreats and get bulk emails and a FB post out regarding them. I was able to finally get in contact with one of the instructors for the May retreat so now I’m calm about that.
Stomach issues are much better. Eating at home and not out all the time has helped tremendously. We are trying to use the FODMAP foods which is the diet for IBS. Basically it’s eliminating many foods and spices that I like: onions, garlic, cauliflower, most fruits, wheat,etc. But if it works I’m all for it. Still basically following the no junk food diet. Only diversion is ginger ale which helps another issue.
Another friend passed away this week from an invasive cancer. He was just diagnosed 2 months ago but it was already in his esophagus, pancreas, bones, everywhere. I was great friends with he and his wife in the 80’s.
Anxious to see Billie and the kids. The last couple of phone calls everyone sounded pretty good. She is in the process of looking for a babysitter to come to her home this summer. I hope that works out for her.
There is a wonderful mission out there that provides hospitals with quilts to cover patients who were brought in to the emergency room and don’t survive. They did this for Justin when Billie went in to see him for the last time. It’s a comfort for her to have the quilt. If you have any twin size quilts that you aren’t using, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with the Quilts for Angels in Topeka. I love that mission and I hope to make some quilts for it this year.
That’s it for now. One more load of wash and then we are off and running.


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