1 Mar

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It’s 2 am and I just finished putting together several quilt blocks for a tee shirt quilt I’m working on. Tomorrow I’ll put the borders one and hopefully it will be ready for my friend Robin to quilt for me. It’s been nice to get several projects started and hopefully finished by next weekend. The photos are of my “Evening Stroll” wall hanging and a casserole holder. The wall hanging isn’t finished yet. I still need some black fabric for it.

It’s been a couple of long days. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and snowed all day into this evening. Now we are getting a nice layer of ice on top of the snow so who knows what issues that will bring. We took the dogs out for a walk about 9 pm and the road was glisten in the lights and was very slick. I’ve been lucky so far and have only fallen once. We plan on staying until next weekend since we haven’t been able to see Mom for the last 2 days. Maybe we’ll see what the 4 wheel drive does tomorrow in the jeep. Denny used it yesterday and it worked well but there were too many people slipping around to feel safe driving around here. Remember this is the place where there are 14 degree hills.

Have watched 3 of the Oscar movies this week. “Whiplash”-liked, “Birdman”-kind of liked, seemed a lot like a reincarnation of the “Black Swan” to me, and “Boyhood” which was an enjoyable movie, a little long, but was fun to watch 12 years of a movied made. It was fun to watch everyone change each year. Really want to see “Still Alice”. Denny liked “Boyhood” but did not like “Birdman” at all. He did enjoy watching all the Kansas teams play basketball today and it was great they all won. Exciting games. What else is exciting is that Cade is in a hockey tournament in Kansas City this weekend and all I know so far is that they won their first game and Cade got the first goal!. Billie rented a motel room with a pool so they are having a fun weekend. All the kids love swimming and can do it for hours and hours.

My now swearing is getting better. I think I said “hell” once this week so that is better than last week. Still eating healthy. Denny has been cooking this week so we have only had dinner out once which is my favorite restraunt called the “Local Flavor”.. Also started the new stomach medicine instead of Prilosec. It may be working better and I don’t have the headaches anymore. Haven’t weighed in this weekend but think I will wait one more week.

We were going to go to Selma this coming week for a night but it won’t happen now. Our friend Nancy headed that direction from Cuchara 2 days ago and drove through horrific weather in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. I think it will be a great week to be in Selma and sorry we will miss it but it will be great to spend one more week here with Mom.

Tidbits: How come I can’t remember how to spell restaraunt? No matter how I spell it, it comes out wrong. Why do cheerleaders wear hair bows? Are they trying to look like little girls? La Veta is getting tons of snow which is so wonderful. Kind of wish I was there to see it and be sitting in front of our pellet stove watching it snow. It would be fun to put my mukluks on that I bought in Alaska years ago. One of my friends daughter just took the law bar exam. She said you have to wear short sleeve shirts and pants with no pockets. Now phones, bags, etc. allowed in the testing room. Someone has to go with you to the bathroom. The tests are from 7-5 for 2 days and you won’t know the results until May. That would make me crazy to wait that long. Big tunnel was found in Naco, AZ this weekend. They busted the people with $3 million dollars of pot!. Naco is where we hang out in the winter at times. They said it was the biggest tunnel in that area. It looked very sophisticated and I wonder how long it took to build. Reminded me of the movie “The Great Escape”.  Still getting reservations everyday. I only have 3 sites left for Memorial Day weekend. Have not been weepy for over a week now. I think that is the longest I have gone since Justin passed away. I sure hope it will be nice in Hilton Head when we get there. Surely we’ll have a couple of good days. There is golf to be played, beaches to be walked, and a trip to Savannah. Sad to hear that “Spock” passed away. That COPD is a nasty disease and I hope I don’t ever get it. I know there is a chance since I did smoke when I was younger, even if I quit in 1982. I still carry the little card that gives me the date of April 22, 1982 saying that is when I quit.

Think I should head to bed. I do sleep late in the mornings. I’ll have to get out of that habit once we get back to La Veta. It is now 2:45. Didn’t know it takes me that long to blog. 🙂


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  1. kit Phillips 03/01/2015 at 11:39 am #

    A friend of my in Cuchara called me this morning and said they have had 50 inches so far. She is snowed in including her car. That would be a sight to see. Take care and continue to some of your projects done. Can’t wait to see the finished product this summer.

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