22 Feb

Watched “Easy Rider” the other night. It was out in 1969. I remember watching it and getting these meanings out of it.
1. I wanted a buckskin fringed jacket. Check, my grandmother Betty bought it for me that Christmas from Roy Freys
2. I wanted to go down the highway on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Check, 1978 and years after
3. I wanted to smoke pot. Check
4. I wanted to do some acid. Check
For lent, I gave up swearing which I hope to continue from now on except in extreme emergencies that deserve the “F” word. I slipped 4 times this last week, totally by accident and it made me realize how much I do cuss. Duh!!!!!
I weighed in at 149 lbs this morning. That is my “nekkid” weight. Still have the goal of 145 to try and get a little more weight off of my stomach area. Feeling pretty uncomfortable in that area still. I did see that Prilosec can cause side effects of headaches and discomfort in that area. Will check tomorrow if I can lower the dose I am taking. Very tired of feeling every single little thing that goes on in my stomach.
Denny just left for Brownsville with Robin and Dean. They are friends here at Holiday Island. We told them about the RV resort in Brownsville and they were very excited so off they went to check it out. I like our friends that just do that. No long debates, thinking it over, questioning everything, we just up and go and check things out. Another couple we know just purchased a 5th wheel lot there and got an extremely great deal. It is a very affordable park, you can just buy a pad and put your rv on it. There is golf, swimming, pickle ball, quilting, bicycling, a big town nearby, like minded people, and it is also pretty. I remember golfing back in the 80’s with ladies who wintered there. So…we’ll see if this may be our new winter spot. At least it is warm there and not getting snow and possible ice like we are here right now in Arkansas. It’s very hard to find a warm spot in the winter anymore.
“Let it Go, Let it Go….” I heard that song so many times while staying with Billie. I am taking it to heart today. This week I have been sooooo edgy and easily set off with just a few key words. Hearing Aids, Video Games, Weight, Money, Race etc…I seem to have an opinion on everything and I seem to have to talk very loudly about them all. Bottom line and something I heard in church today. I can change my attitude; I can realize that I can’t change anybody and what they are doing or feeling; I can’t change how people handle their lifestyles; I can’t change people who just want to stay in the emotional place they are no matter how painful it is; I need to let everyone have their own say on race, politics, homosexuality, raising children; I need to let everyone regarding alcohol consumption and the importance it has in their life and not judge. What I do know, especially from these last 2 years, is that life is short. I don’t want to hang on to yucky feelings and past history. I want to enjoy and embrace and learn new things about life everyday. I don’t want be anxious and afraid to move on and tackle what needs to be worked on and help when I can. Lessons have been learned with the passing of my niece Juli, my son-law Justin, our good friends Matt and Dave. We went through the process with Juli, Matt and Dave but Justin was a shocker being so sudden. But…..lessons learned from his passing also. Denny and I are blessed because we do have families and friends and the ability to still work and play hard. (Well, maybe not play as hard as we did) Bottom line, on top of changing my eating habits, not cussin’ and letting go of what I can’t do anything about, I’m going to the store to buy food for a healthy stew and them come home and sew for hours and pet Jumper and Meeko.

One Response to “Tibdbits”

  1. ruth 02/22/2015 at 2:42 pm #

    You covered a lot of territory there J. I need to work on some of those areas too. One thing I have found,for myself, is to stop expecting to change something overnight; no matter how much I want to. My opinion of myself is more important than anyone else….except for God. You are absolutely amazing in ALL you have overcome, accomplished, endured, and shared. I am sure there are things I have left out. All I know is; I am blessed to have a friend like you !! Love ya J 🙂
    This includes Sir Galahad too !!

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