Snow, Ice, trip to Arkansas delayed

16 Feb




Just a few photos from our trip so far. We’ve had so much fun seeing many friends, some we haven’t seen in years. We visited with Becky while we were in Austin. Had dinner with Mark, Amy, John T, and Bloom (the little girl). Mark and I go way back to when Joe, Billie and I lived in the 1954 school bus/camper on the railroad. circa 1979. One of our friends, Dave, made a giant Jenga game which I actually won a few games while playing. We will have one of those at Circle the Wagons this summer.
Thought I would catch up from several days ago.
We had a wonderful time with our nephew Chris, Kathryn, and Cora last Wednesday night in Austin. They have a wonderful home that host some great gatherings. They treated us to a fabulous dinner of Ribeyes, potatoes, salad and asparagus. It was fun to catch up with Chris and meet Kathryn and her children.
On Thursday morning we dropped by Becky’s house for a visit. She and I go way back to our motorcycle days and now our common interest is quilting!
We had a short drive to Fort Worth on Thursday to bed surf with Ron and Linda. They are a great couple who stay with us at Circle the Wagons during the summer. We were able to see how devastating the drought is in the Fort Worth area. They live on a lake and it is down 10 1/2 feet. Many boats are just sitting on dirt that was once water. Very sad and concerning. We bed/surfed with them that evening and left in the morning for Topeka.
The further we drove north the colder it became. Now we have a couple of inches of snow and it is even worse in Holiday Island with ice and snow. We will hopefully head there on Wednesday if Judy’s hills clear off. If you remember last year at this time I was iced in for 5 days twice!
It was good to see Billie and the kids even though it was a tough weekend for her. Valentines day and her anniversary coming up this week. On top of that, she was home last week with Kyler who was sick for 4 days and now she and Cade are in bed with the yucky stuff now. I was able to buy some popsicles, chicken noodle soup and some drinks for them but did not want to be in the house too long. Trying not to bring any sickness while visiting Mom. I had a mammogram this morning and the radiologist could hear me on the phone with Billie as she was telling me what she needed me to bring. The radiologist brought me a notepad and pen. Then she gave me a couple of face masks to wear when I went over to Billie’s. :)) I so hope that Elliott doesn’t get it next.
Elliott had her 5 year birthday party Sunday. She did inform me that it was just a party because her birthday was already over. Alrighty then.
The one good thing that is good about the delay in our trip is that it gave us one more day to pack what we need for the Arkansas leg of the trip. Torrie works out in her basement. She has the whole thing, weights, benches, bands, etc. We have our clothes hanging on the bars and benches. Very tolerant friends Torrie and Larry are.
I’m thinking we need cold weather clothes for Arkansas, 1 sewing machine and fabric, maybe golf clubs for Denny. It is nice to be flexible.
Have another class scheduled at the park. One of our regulars, Carolyn is going to do a class on denim purses. They are really cute.
I hope none of you come down with this illness that is going around. Not sure if it is the flu but it has aches and pains.
That’s it for now.

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