Heading to Austin

11 Feb

Finally it was a sunny, calm day here in South Padre Island. We had to move to another cabin, so…once again we were loading up the car which continues to get fuller with more purchases. The biggest obstacle is the star shaped pinata we purchased in Mexico. We think we can do without punching too many holes in it. We thought it would be fun to have a Mexican themed party at the rv park this summer.
With a foggy and chilly morning on Tuesday, Dave, Sherry and us? drove to Progresso, Mexico. It was a fun border town with soooooo many Americans crossing walking and driving. Many of the dentist offices were full and also a plastic surgeon office. I don’t think I would have that type of work done right on a crowded and not quite sanitary street. I know many people who go to Mexico for the dentist with pretty good results. We also dropped by Riverbend RV resort which was started by Lou Falley from Topeka in the 70’s. We were impressed with the golf course, clubhouse, pool and the park model homes we visited that were for sale. Very reasonable for furnished places. There were also rv pads available with Texas rooms. Those were really reasonable. Apparently the bottom dropped out a couple of years ago, but a new owner is planning on expanding and bringing the golf course back in shape. The good thing about the area was that it was much warmer than Padre so may be a better winter place.
When we returned back to the rv park we were attacked by mosquitos. Not sure if this is the norm but it was miserable and no one could be outside. It’s like the whole area just exploded with them. Some people are thinking of leaving early because of the problem.
Today we drove out to the beach. I wish we could have driven the jeep but it was full with all of our stuff because we couldn’t move into the other cabin til 2. It would have been fun to drive on the beach with the jeep and there were many vehicles driving up and down and a little too fast. Zillions of sea shells, not a big selection but did find a small conk that was a little damaged, but a damaged conk is better to me than no conk. One of our friends dogs picked up a starfish that was on the dunes. That was a cool thing to see. It was dead and drying out. It was very chilly by the water and I didn’t get in the water. I bet it is great when it begins to get really hot.
I just counted that I think we have totally unpacked the jeep 19 times since we left on our trip. The next 2 nights we are finally organized enough to just take in 2 small suitcases. Yea!! I don’t know why it was so difficult but it just was.
Interesting email and phone call yesterday. They were from the Thunderbirds who hosted the Phoenix Open. They were addressing my email regarding the incident that happened to Mary and Mike and also my concern regarding the selling of the alcohol at the tournament and the hawkers not bringing any sodas up to the stands, only alcohol. The phone call really addressed the alcohol issue and he is chairing the tournament next year. He has a couple of ideas; one being that the hawkers bring soda and water to the stands and one would have to go to the concession to get beer. The other idea is to just sell draft beer and no cans. If any of you watched the tournament you saw Molinari get pelted with beer cans when had his hole in one. I also was told I could attend 1 day next year as the guest of this year’s tournament director. Pretty cool that they responded.
We plan on being on the road to Austin tomorrow by 8:30. We definitely want to get to Chris’s before the traffic gets congested. We’ll spend the night with him and then Thursday morning we’ll visit our friends Becky and Tommy before we head to Fort Worth.
This has been a really fun trip for us. Even though the weather hasn’t always cooperated, it’s been fun seeing friends and family along the way. We like to travel without a lot of structure and that has been fun too.
Today was Elliott’s birthday. I remember spending a couple of nights in the hospital with Billie after she was born. She is now a big 5 year old and will be ready for kindegarten. Some sadness thinking of her and not having Justin there to celebrate her birthday. Anxious to see Billie and the kids in a couple of days.
Dave has made a giant Jenga set and we played it tonight. Very fun. I’m ordering a few for the rv park. I’m thinking the rv clubs that come in might be interested in purchasing them. We’ll see. We will also have one for the park. It might be more entertaining than bingo.
It’s after midnight and I did tell Denny I would fix breakfast for him before we leave in the morning.


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