South Padre Island, Texas

8 Feb

Well this is a pretty cool place. We are staying at the South Padre Island KOA. They have the cutest cabins, Not the little wooden cabins, more like a park model. We have a queen bed, 2 bunk beds, bathroom, kitchen, deck and on the water for $89 a night including tax. Had no idea they would be so cute. We arrived yesterday and stayed at a motel before the bridge to Padre. We drove over and checked out the area and had dinner with Dave and Sherry. We are all over eating fresh boiled shrimp. Today we moved into the cabin. We’ll stay here for 2 nights and then move into a studio on Tuesday since we decided we wanted to stay one more day. The weather isn’t ideal but bearable. Today it was too windy to really want to be outside or ride our bicycles. Tomorrow we plan on walking on the beach and shell hunting. Sherry says there are tons of shells. Today we went over to the Farmers market and bought a few veggies. Tonight we were all set to sit outside by the fire but the mosquitos ran us off. Seems weird to have that happen in February. We also visited with a lady who has a place in La Veta. She remembers us way back when we had the gym. Small world. The RV park is about full and there is also a large RV park in the state park. They say it’s cheaper but there are sand fleas on the beach.
We purchased some twirly things to sell at the park this summer. We are trying to have a little more variety of things to purchase this year.
Had an interesting visit with one the workcampers today. He was telling us that the rv park gets really rowdy during the summer. Too many drunks. He said it has gotten worse each year. He said last summer he was threatened. He also said most of Padre Island is owned by the Mexican cartel. It doesn’t feel dangerous here at all but he said the atmosphere changes in the summer.
We are on the last leg of our southwest/Texas couch surfing trip.
We enjoyed staying with cousin Diane and Bernie on Saturday night.They saw on FB we were in the area. They texted us and next think you know we are staying with them. They tooks us Panchitos in San Antonio which had the BEST sopapillas. Diane and I always have a good time yakkin’ and have very similar sweet hubbie’s. On Wednesday we will go to Austin and stay with my nephew Chris. On Thursday we will drive to Fort Worth and stay with friends, then home on Friday. Elliot turns 5 this week and we’ll be able to go to her birthday party on Sunday.
We still can’t seem to have our shit together regarding our packing. We keep bringing all of our bags and suitcases into places and the big suitcases seem quite heavy. We are reorganizing before we head out Wednesday.
I’m done with my no junk food challenge. I feel like I am on the right track. I still want to lose 5 pounds for my goal.
We also visited friends in LLano and one of my favorite quilt shops. I also purchased some more military fabric and I think my Military quilt will happen. Hope to have it done by Memorial Day and begin a raffle that will go through July 4th.
Enjoying a Lifetime Movie tonight.

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