Van Horn, TX February 5, 2015

5 Feb

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We have landed in Van Horn, TX. After meeting author Jinx Schwartz and having some books signed, we were on the road at 1 pm. Jinx writes a series of books in the Janet Evanovich style except they deal with living on the a boat stories. I haven’t read any yet but will start one tomorrow. She was so interesting and has lead an interesting life. They have a home by the Turquoise Valley golf course. Our friend Mona is renting an apartment from them. We stayed with Mona for 3 nights and she was a great hostess. We had so much fun in Naco and Bisbee. Played golf twice, visited with friends and actually rode 14 miles on our bicycles. On Monday night I was able to see several of my fiber arts buddies. They were all decked out in their knitted sweaters, scarves and shawls. Such an interesting group of women. This area has such an eclectic group of people that is impossible to not to have a good time. So enjoyed spending time with Janet, Laura, Mona, Nan, Dale. Chuck, Doug and Kathy. After loading our golf clubs back in the Jeep, I was taking the golf cart back. I didn’t realize I drove it up on the sidewalk by the pro shop. I was frantically trying to back it up when the Manager came rushing out. He was getting ready to holler and then he said “Oh, it’s you” ML ML ML. Denny had to back it up for me because I couldn’t drive it straight.
I ran into one of my friends and was totally surprised that she was still alive. When I saw her I gave her a big hug and asked “Are you still here????” She has also sorts of health issues so that came out wrong.
Tomorrow our goal is San Antonio which just under 500 miles. Driving through Texas is like driving through 3 states it seems. We are venturing into territory that I have never visited, South Padre Island. Our friends Dave and Sherry are camping there and we have rented a KOA cabin for 2 nights beginning Sunday. We are away from bed surfing for the time being but have done really well so far. 12 nights so far we have had beds.
Junk Food Challenge is going well. On Saturday it will be 35 days. I am not even looking at Pepsi’s when we stop at gas stations. Not sure what my weight is. Unfortunately we are eating every meal out right now but no fast food or desserts for me.
I am glad I am traveling with no art supplies and sewing machines so I am totally chilling this trip. It feels weird but kind of nice not thinking I have to do something. Did pick up some cool fabric in Goodyear. It has Snoopy on it along with some soldier sayings. May make a Memorial Day quilt and raffle for Wounded Warriors. We will see.
The Bright Spot in Hereford, AZ is open again and has the best ribs. A sweet rub which has a consistency like creme brulet and was so sweet.
My reservations calls are becoming more frequent. We are actually discussing the possibility of building a pickle ball court at the campground? Just talking but it may be kind of a cool thing. We really enjoy playing it since we were both tennis players.
I have a medical question. Do any of you have the issue of feeling like your stomach goes up under your rib cage when you bend over?? Sometimes something gets stuck under my right rib cage when I bend over to get my golf ball or tee it up. I hate that feeling.
Talked to Billie today and she seems to be doing okay. Has that cruddy cold that must be going around Topeka. Feeling very proud of her. Talked to my friend Jackie and she is doing okay. House feels lonely without Dave. I can’t imagine. I seem to be thinking about people dying a lot and will be glad when those thoughts aren’t so prevalent.
We had such a warm welcome when we came into the Turquoise Valley pro shop and restaurant. Felt very loved. One of my favorite birds, the vermillion fly catcher, actually greeted me on the same tree on hole #4 that it always did several years ago.
That’s it for now. We hope to be on the road by 7 am and through driving by around 2 or 3.


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  1. kit Phillips 02/06/2015 at 11:30 am #

    If you get anywhere near Corpus Christi let me know. We are near there. Would love to see you.

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