The aftermath of turning 62

1 Feb

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The big birthday was spent at the Phoenix Open on Thursday. We all woke up at 5 am so we could be on the road by 6. We knew there would be traffic. It was bad at times and then not so bad. Denny, Dale, Gayle and I rode in our car and Mary and Mike took his car. He had a handicap card, so they were able to park close. They headed right to the 16th green and saved seats for us which is a huge no no but they were able to pull it off. We almost lost the seats but when the guard was saying you have to give up the seats, they could see us walking up to the stands. We were in the 2nd row from the top at first and then we were able to move to the top row which gave us a view of #16,#10 and #17. We were at the seats at 8:30 and stayed there all day. It was great. #16 is a par 13 and famous for being the party hole. I wore my tiara and was fairly wound up all day. Denny and I began betting on closest to the hole and pretty soon several people were playing within their own groups. I ended up losing $1. Since we decided to stay until it was about over, we of course were stuck in a gridlock of traffic for a couple of hours and made it home by 7 pm. Denny was great about getting us out of the mess. Mike and Mary had serious problems when they tried to drive out. A man came up to their car, (it’s raining and gridlocked) and when Mike rolled down the window, this man began screaming at Mike to move up the line. Mike said he couldn’t go anywhere and then the guy reached in and punched him in the face and then tried to get into the car and hit him again. Mary said it all happened so fast and was so scary. They were able to get a security police to come and check it all out but they didn’t want to do anything because of all the traffic. When Mary came home and told us about the incident, I sent an email to the Thunderbirds, (they host the event), and also called. They did call us back on Friday and hopefully some things might happen. I did say in my email that I couldn’t believe all the drunk people that were leaving the tournament and that I couldn’t believe how they were pushing in the alcohol in the stands. Once again, they would bring up water and beer but wouldn’t put sodas in their coolers. I don’t get that at these fundraising events. They just want people to get drunk, buy more and more beer and they really don’t care about how many drunk drivers they are putting on the highway. I did suggest they quit serving alcohol at 4 pm which I’m sure they tossed into the trash, but at least I put my 2 cents in. Mike is doing okay but his cheek hurts and his neck really hurts from the blow. Unbelievable.
It was a great day and glad I was able to get way out of my comfort zone and go the tournament. 190,000 spectators.
I am still suffering the repercussions from a hot dog and half of a soft pretzel. I hope those symptoms disappear by tomorrow.
Friday was very rainy so was a good day for Denny and I to go to the quilt show. It was gigantic. Three fairground buildings. We only made it up on aisle and we had already purchased too many items. The main item was a Eurosteam iron. It’s very cool and will decrease my fabric ironing time immensely.
This morning I made it to the 8:30 am Zumba class. It was great and very high energy. So far, I think I have done some form of exercise everyday but 1. Mary lives in a very active area. Tomorrow, Gayle, Denny and I are going to try and play some Pickle ball. We haven’t played for a couple of years so looking forward to it. We also need to get organized to head out on Monday morning for Naco. We will be there 3 days. Fiber guild, golf, golf, barbecuing lamb chops are on tap. Going to be great and the weather looks dry. The course has been closed for 2 days due to flooded fairways. We will be couch surfing with Mona on that trip.
Denny spotted a quilt shop today and we picked up some new fabric. Looking forward to sewing in a few weeks but glad I don’t have the machine here. We’ve been active while at Mary’s but also fairly laid back.
No Junk Food challenge update. Just completed 28 days. Did not weigh in yet. Probably tomorrow. Plan on being on it another week and then may continue with my sisters who are doing it until mid February.
Not wound up about the Superbowl but Phoenix is full of famous people this weekend. Lots of big parties but after the big traffic jams on Thursday, I wasn’t into going downtown.
I have really enjoyed reconnecting with old friends on Facebook.
Is it possible for me to keep my nose out others business??
Billie is doing okay.
Glad my shows are back on air.
I wish that the whole hour of Saturday night would be funny.
When I was trying to communicate with some deaf people who sat behind us a that golf tourney I did something really silly. I was trying to use my hands to talk and when one of the couple who could hear said something to me I said . “Si”. Have now idea why I did but they really laughed.
I wish there was something we could do with all the oranges that grow in the yards of homes. So many are wasted. I wish I could fill a pick up with them and take them to the Rescue Missions.
For my gluten free friends: I found a great gluten free Flat Bread. I eating that instead of bread.
I am sad about another beheading. I can’t imagine a more horrifying act. How brave was the friend of the first one captured to go and try to find his friend and get captured himself. Toooooo tragic.
While at the golf tournament, you would not believe how many Lear Jets were landing in Scottsdale. It seemed like 1 every 1/2 hour.
I think that is it for now.

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