Happy Birthday to me

29 Jan

Below is an email from my Mom I received tonight. She is telling me about the night I was born. She is going to be 95 soon and she still remembers my birth clearly, of course it was dramatic. I love celebrating my birthday because I am always very grateful I am still on this earth. Plenty of times I could have messed that up. I am 62 and will get my first social security check on March 2.
It is 1 am and I a supposed to be up at 5 am because Denny, Gayle, Dale, Mary, Mike and I are going to the Phoenix Open. We want to get there early and head to the 16th hole and be part of the craziness on that hole. I have my tiara to wear all day so I will fit right in with the crazies. I’m also awake because I have the squirmies and restless legs. We played 18 holes yesterday with Dale, Mike, Denny and I. Mary rode along with us. She isn’t able to play yet as she heals up from bunion surgery. My back is bothering me and I took a muscle relaxer so I think it is also making me squirmy. Feels good to be laying on heating pad. Yesterday was a full day of exercise and bicycling also. Even though my back hurts I broke 100 today and shot a 99. I’m also squirmy because we have a lot coming up. Finalized golf plans and dinner with friends next week while we are in Naco and Bisbee.
Beginning to get several calls a day for reservations. My waiting list for monthly’s is getting bigger. Also received a call for an order of bowl holders. That is making me squirmy not having my sewing machine with me but I am glad I don’t because I really want to feel like I’m on vacation.
The No Junk Food Challenge continues. I had a several hour binge of pumpkie pie with whipped cream on Sunday. That was day 22 of the 21 day challenge. Mary made the yummiest pie and I could not resist it. I don’t know why I had to eat 6 pieces but even if I wasn’t on the challenge I would have eaten that many. Back on track and am now on Day 26. Still have some other doing it with me so that helps a lot. Denny is off of it but still watching what he is eating. I am now under 150 pounds and would like to keep it that way. Trying to lose that tummy to take pressure off of my hiatal hernia. I do feel some difference.
Don and Mitzi joined us for dinner on Sunday night but they are back in Colorado now. I’m wondering if La Veta will get hit with snow soon. We are going to have a lot of rain on Friday and Saturday. It’s funny. It hasn’t been really warm here until today. But…when it is cloudy it feels chilly even though it is in the 70 s. The other day it was in the mid 60’s and a lady had on a winter coat and winter hat.
I love this area of Goodyear that Mary lives in. A very active community. The pickle ball courts were packed today. We hope to play a little while here. Gayle will go with us and help us remember how to play. People are always out walking or bicycling. The Zumba class was full the other night.
Just a little health tip for those who IBS. Mary sells Arbonne and she has this powder you put in your morning drink that really helps the regularity. Best I have used. Probiotic, prebiotic and enzymes. It’s an Arbonne product and she can order it.
Hope to see Selma on one of the rainy days. Also going to go to a gigantic quilt show at the Fairgrounds on Friday or Saturday. The “Loft” is also opening on Friday and I may have to see that too. It is a scary movie.
That’s it for now. Still squirmy, still awake, but may get a couple of hours in before our big day.

Happy Birthday Jay
I am writing this the day before your birthday while I am thinking about your birth. You were curious about everything before you were born. The night before we had company and I was sitting on the famous old green couch when suddenly my water broke. I crawled off the couch and yelled at Jack to call the Dr. He got flustered and called the Dentist. Then he took me to St. Francis hospital in Topeka and we had to stand at the admission desk and fill out forms and my shoes were full of water. You were getting impatient. We finally got to the delivery room and you arrived safely. They made the husbands stay in the waiting room during all this time. things have changed. I finally got back to my hospital room and Jack came in and then they brought this cute little baby in . You stared at us with big brown eyes and you had lots of black hair. I think you had a little smile . Probably wondering who the heck we were.
Mom and Ree were staying with Judy, Jolene and John. Mom and Ree got the flu and we had to stay at the hospital 12 days and Children could not to visit. Jack would bring them to the hospital yard and I would hold you by the window so they could see you. All the nurses got well acquainted with you. We finally got you home.
This was during the Korean War and Ree and and Dona and Chuck were staying with us while Don was at war.. John and chuck were still babies n diapers. You slept in a baby basket up on wheels in our bedroom. The first day the big cat jumped up in the basket and cuddled up to you. You always loved cats after that.
You are still cute and curious.


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me”

  1. Carl 01/29/2015 at 6:14 am #

    Happy birthday young lady! It sounds like you are going to have a fun day if you can stay awake! LOL. Tell Denny I said you need a lot of pampering on your special day! Knowing him he will do a good job! Love you guys!

  2. Mitzi Keairns 01/30/2015 at 5:43 pm #

    That is the sweetest thing ever. Your mom amazes me! May you live to be as old and funny and wise and “with it” as she is! I think you will……you always amaze me too! Love you!

  3. Sandy 01/31/2015 at 7:51 am #

    This is so sweet, J. I am so glad your mom recovered and is still in your life!

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