Day 6, Goodyear AZ

25 Jan

We left Green Valley around 1:30 on Friday.Had a great time and we was fun to see friends there. Met up with Lorne and Marilyn at a Cracker Barrel and visited for about an hour. They are friends we me through our RV park. We arrived at Mary’s house on Friday evening. Even experienced major traffic since we drove into Phoenix right at rush hour. We were able to totally unpack the jeep, get the bicycles off the racks, and do laundry, take a shower, get my nails painted. We celebrated somebody’s birthday last night at the Blank Angus. I think that person enjoyed it and we also met one of Mary’s new friends, Mike. Basically, Saturday was just a relax and chill out day.
Today I am starting my exercise program. Just do something everyday, i.e. walk, ride bike, do workout tape, golf, etc. I am entering the 4th week of No Junk food challenge. I did lose 6 pounds the last 3 weeks. Total weight loss since Nov. 1st is 12 lbs. My goal is around 145, maybe 140, we’ll see. Exercise today was a combo pilates/yoga tape and rode bicycle for about 30 min. It is so nice to be in flat country.
It would be nice if it was tad warmer. It actually gets warm about 4 pm and then it cools right off.
We are waiting for Mitzi and Don to come over. They are in the area visiting their kids. We are making kabobs, and mashed cauliflower, sweet potato casserole.
It is supposed to rain tomorrow and we are going to go to an afternoon movie. Probably will see American Sniper but I would like to see Selma also.
Lots of plans during the week.
Still feeling okay emotionally but can still tear up talking about Billie. It feels good to be around some sunshine which really warms my heart and I don’t feel as sad. I think there is a lot to that lack of sunshine sydrome. Of course, what syndrome don’t I have :)).
That’s it for now.


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