Day 1 of our couch/bed surfing adventure

21 Jan

Tonight we are staying in a hotel because we didn’t know anyone in Albuquerque. We are staying at the Isletta Casino hotel. It can be pricey but I went on Priceline and saved $60. Unfortunately I lost some of that in my favorite slot machine Zeus. He failed me on 4 different machines but it did take care of my gambling yen. We had a great day of driving through the back highways of Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico until we hit I-40. I slept a few hours because I had a late Monday night going to the KU/OU basketball game. It was an 8pm game and one of the most exciting I have been too. My friend Judy treated me and we had such a good time.

Feeling a little tense leaving Topeka and all the sadness that is still there. Dave’s funeral was Saturday and the inturnment was in a little cemetary on Sunday afternoon. It was a very nice funeral with lots of old friends of Denny’s and the motorcycle racing crowd from back in the day. Also, many of Dave’s friends who rode dirt bikes and 4 wheelers in the mountains of Colorado and all over the country. We’ll miss Jackie but will check in on her as we travel. She took such good care of Dave.

Billie is continuing to get her life in order. Still many things to get straightened out but plans are in motion. So far it doesn’t seem like the kids miss having Grandma Birdie around. 🙂

Even though we were only in Topeka about 6 days, it seems like we did a lot. Denny put a new vanity in Billie’s bathroom. I taught Torrie how to make micro bowl holders. We had a little sweat shop set up in her basement and made 12 of them. She was a fast learner. We gave them to Billie for some more thank you gifts. I ran into a few buddies, Bruce, John and Mark. Also have reconnected with some very nice friends from school which has been fun. Plan on having lunch soon with some of them.

Looking forward to the next several days. Our first bed surf will be with Jim and Jeannie in Green Valley. We will arrive late afternoon tomorrow and they are having a birthday party for one our friends. Many La Veta buddies will be there too. We’ll spend 2 nights there. On Thursday we are playing golf with Doug and Kathy who were friends from Lake Wabaunsee. Bill, a bicycle buddy and his friend will join us also. We’ll play golf with Jim and Jeannie on Thursday morning and then we will head further west toward Goodyear where Mary lives. On the way we are going to have lunch with Marilyn and Lorne, friends who stay with us at our rv park. They even offered us a bed! That’s what we are up to the next 3 days.


I was supposed to be in Namakkal, India at this time but due to all the circumstances of life I had to cancel. Don, in the center, is my mentor. He is visiting Murgan and Gomathi in there little house that our mission built for them. For those who donate to my Friends of Namakkal mission, this is the family we take care. They are thriving and I believe the sister will begin college studies soon.


Here is the cinder block house that Friends of Namakkal built for the children when we discovered a huge hole in their thatch roof. Many things have been upgraded since 2008. So many positive projects have been happening since I was there. The CARE health center continues to give medical care to those who cannot afford the government hospitals. I stay in contact with a couple of the employees from the clinic. I love this mission.

That’s it for now. We don’t have to leave at the crack of dawn, so I can sleep in until at least 8 am.

Our junk food challenge continues on. We had apples and popcorn in the car plus some ice tea and energy drinks. I hate when we stop for gas to walk by the Klondike bars and all the pop and candy. I pretty much go right to the bathroom and go right back to the car. Denny only has 5 days left so he is looking forward to being done with it. I shall continue to support the participants who started a week late. It has been an easy challenge but feeling the benefits does help keep me motivated.

Good night. Please take care of yourselves, get affairs in order as we will while on this trip. Take care of issues that cause your heart pain.


One Response to “Day 1 of our couch/bed surfing adventure”

  1. kit Phillips 01/21/2015 at 10:35 am #

    Sounds like a fun trip to AZ. Enjoy all your stops with your friends. I think you have friends in all corners of the earth! Haha Continue to have save travels to Mary’s.

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