We just roll with the punches

12 Jan

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Love this photo of a drawing Elliott did telling her brothers and the dog Easton that they cannot come into her bedroom. She just cracks me up and I’m thinking those may be swear words???? My dad used to be so proud of the way I cussed. Does that sound a little crazy? Dad had a very dry sense of humor and most of my school friends didn’t think he had any humor. I loved it when I made him laugh.
Denny and I arrived in La Veta Friday evening. A total junk free/soda free trip. I even stayed awake the whole time. Of course we had to run into heavy fog and light icy the closer we got to La Veta. Something very cool happened. As we were coming down the last hill in to town the fog magically lifted. All of the sudden we could see the shadows of the Cristos and the Peaks. A few planets in the sky. Very surreal but very welcoming. Just another sign that this is where we are meant to be.
We were back in the car Saturday morning to attend Jenni Mead’s wedding in Denver. What a wonderful ceremony. They are both devoted to Jesus, mission work and to each other. There were many people from other countries that Jenni has helped as they relocated to the Denver area. It was fun being with our friends Becky,Kevin, Rick and Anna who drove in from Topeka. We drove back that night. Do you believe that we have over 6 thousands miles on the Jeep that we bought in October.
Speaking of the Jeep, Denny is preparing it for our couch surfing trip that we will be taking this winter. There are logistics in play due to the bicycle rack and how we will get our things out. One idea is to fold the back seats down and load everything from side door. Of course this means that there will no sleeping in the back seat for me but that is okay. When I am done writing today, I must get up and be productive. I feel we are going to be leaving tubs all over the country and then pick them up when we come back home in the spring. I have golf clothes to pack, swimming suits, bicycle clothes-warm and cold weather-plus repack winter clothes. Next I need to pay campground bills, order a wig, send a couple of cards, do tons of laundry and stay on my no junk food eating, which by the way we are on day 8.
Speaking of the no junk eating we had 4 more start it up today. It really does help doing this through facebook and everyone can comment on their struggles and successes.
My roll with the punches is due to the incoming snowstorm that could keep us here a little longer than originally planned which seems to happen to us a lot with our winter travels. We really just deal and go on and it also gives us a day to feel a little less rushed. We were going to leave tomorrow to try and beat the storm but we’ll see.
We are working on getting tickets to the Waste Management golf tourney in Phoenix at the end of the month. Mary, Gayle, Dale and us are trying to get it to all work out. Even though it would be fun to actually go to a playing round it’s economically more feasible to just go to a practice round.
I actually woke up today and didn’t feel like crying. I’ve started back on liquid Vitamin B12 and I think that is helping. Still have a lot of sadness around us and I think a lot of people do right now. I may just embrace it, deal with it, feel the love that also comes from it, be as much support as possible and go on. So many incredible life changes have happened these last couple of months. To have the chance to be a grandma, a shoulder to cry on for my brave and strong daughter, to have a renewed relationship with my amazing son KC who has the ability to survive so many challenges and some of them very scary, to feel closer to Denny and to know the depths that he will go through for others and to do it with such grace and kindness. I love him so much I actually stop breathing sometimes when I think about it. I know this is beginning to sound like a mantra from me, but please make things right with as many loved ones as possible. Try not have regrets, anger, resentments hanging over you. That was one of the blessings that I blogged about awhile back regarding some people in my life that I was dealing with those issues inside of me and I can tell that letting go of those feelings regarding them has helped me feel so much better.
It is beginning to snow, I am going to Zumba with my bestie Mitzi tonight. Had a wonderful massage with my bestie masseuse Diana yesterday. Hope to see a few more friends before we head out.
Hasta la vista


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