Feeling what? Sad, confused, overwhelmed, lost

7 Jan


First, here is the final room that needed to painted and I do believe it is my favorite. Billie has a finished basement that just needed to be made cheerier. It is so fun looking and was a fun project. Denny put down the carpet squares and I did the painting. Billie was so happy.
But then there were tears because Denny and I packed up and moved out to Larry and Torries last night. Billie and I hugged and cried but we both know it was time for me to leave. The kids are back in school. I know she will be strong and make it through but I also know it will feel emptier not having someone there when she comes home. Her great friends continue to check on her and have been so wonderful. Denny and I both were happy to be there for her and do the projects on her house. It looks so pretty. We love her little family very much and want to be there for her. She is even doing the 21 day no junk food challenge!!
Speaking of the challenge, it is going pretty well. I’m not quite sure how many of us are doing it, but it is fun having friends doing it with us. We are on Day 4 now.
I can’t believe how much stuff we had to pack up yesterday. I think there were 4 tubs, 3 suitcases, sewing machines, bags. It seems so long ago when I was just throwing things together to get in the car and drive all night on October 31.
We hauled a lot of it over to Torries but left some at Billie’s. Here is our new plan. Stay here until Friday and then head to Colorado. Our friend Jenni is getting married on Saturday in Colorado Springs. Then……..we are going back to La Veta and begin packing to head south. Then……we’ll come back to Topeka on Monday to hang out for awhile. We want to be with our friend Dave and Denny has a couple of things to do at Billies. Then…..we’ll head toward Texas and then to AZ. I am soooooo ready for some warm sunshine. Mary told me that I cannot bring my sewing machine into her house. She said we are not doing projects. We are going to exercise, play pickleball, go to the pool, play golf, ride bikes, etc. Can’t wait.
Today I am just in the basement. Have a sewing machine out and may do a little project. It feels good to just be. Been on the phone, texting, facebooking. Can’t believe it is already 1:17 and I haven’t done a thing. Why does that feel wrong? Denny left around nine into the blustery cold. I don’t know what the temps are but it is bitter.
It still feels easy to get teary, but trying not to. I don’t think I’m depressed, just sad. Is there a difference?
I am feeling very proud of my son KC. A friend of his had to be taken to the hospital due to an overdose. KC is there with him so he won’t be alone. KC has also been a great help to Billie and we have had some nice visits. Love him mucho.
Meeko and Jumper are still with Ruth and will be for quite awhile. We have decided not to take them south, much to Mary’s delight. Traveling with pets can be like traveling with kids. Stopping to pee a lot, needing a drink. It’s much easier to travel without them. Ruth loves them like they are her own.
One thing we will really miss in Topeka is going to Gracepoint Church. The sermon this week was on “what is going to be our wall”. Jeremiah built a wall in Jerusalem that took 52 days. He never came down no matter what was offered to entice him. He just continued building. So we were asked “what is our wall for 2015?” I think I will have different walls. Right now it is the No Junk Food challenge. That may sound trivial, but after my last physical, very necessary. I have a couple of other things I am thinking that challenge me and I need to change, but we’ll cross that wall when I come to it.
Time to begin my 3 hour quilt. It’s a flannel throw with bears and deer on it. Let’s see if it truly takes 3 hours.


3 Responses to “Feeling what? Sad, confused, overwhelmed, lost”

  1. Linda Joubert 01/07/2015 at 4:53 pm #

    If you guys are close to Fort Worth pleaseeeeeee stoop by to see us. Hugs!

  2. Dulany 01/08/2015 at 10:26 am #

    Hi you 2, things sound better thank goodness. I have decided to stow-away on your RV going south. I’m very tired of this bitter cold weather. You will hardly know I’m even there. I will bark when necessary and consume all junk food for you. Please drop by for a visit while in La Veta. I will understand if you can’t but be disappointed. Take care and be careful on those treacherous roads. 😍 dulany

  3. Becky Sorrells 01/08/2015 at 11:36 am #

    Let me know when you are in Texas….maybe we can get together this time! Safe travels!

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