Busy week ahead

28 Dec




Above are the photos that I’ve been wanting to post of some of the work we have done on Billie’s kitchen. Tomorrow Denny will begin painting Billie’s bedroom and I’ll finish kitchen touch up and the hallway. We have Monday and Tuesday to finish all the painting. We are on our last few days of being here. It is bittersweet. We need to head home and Billie needs to be here on her own and figure things out, but I feel it will be really hard on the both of us. Actually makes me tear up when I think about it. At least school will begin again and they can get in their routines again. It’s been hard having them out of school and the issues that come up with that. We had a good weekend. Today we made it to church and once again Grandma Birdie had the wrong time. They don’t start their new hours until January. Whoops. But…the boys sat through the service and it was actually a good one for all of us. Elliott wore her Princess Elsa dress to Sunday school. Afterward we went bowling which was fun. One game is plenty and Gage bowl actually has a good special that includes 2 games, and a drink for $5.49. I didn’t bowl but the kids and Billie did.
Afterward Denny and I visited one of our friends who is very ill. So hard, so sad.
Denny has been a busy Gpa this weekend. Twice he took the boys to the skateboard park and sat while they skateboarded. He also put Kylers birdfeeder up. We are anxiously awaiting the birds to discover it and begin having their meals.
Watching the show “Edge of Alaska” tonight. It’s about McCarthy which is one of our favorite places in the world. It’s on the Discovery channel. Some of you have seen my paintings from McCarthy. One of them is of the hotel and the owner of that hotel is the focus of this series. He’s trying to modernize McCarty which is off of the grid but the locals are battling him. I hope the locals win.
Denny and Larry will be heading to San Antonio this week for the Alamo bowl. Luckily it is in a dome because it looks pretty wet for the trip. It is going to be very cold here this week.
I’m looking forward to being back in La Veta. It’s been snowing and very cold. Just like I like so I can get all cozy by the fire. I want to sew, drive to the springs and do a watercolor batik class, see friends, watch my recorded shows, and then pack up to head to AZ for a couple of weeks.
I hope they find the airplane that went down yesterday. I still feel for the families of the missing plane. How does one ever have closure.
Billie took Elliott to see Annie and they enjoyed it.
Feeling a little sleepy so think I’ll head to the basement. Actually Denny and I are pretty cozy down there.

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