Merry Christmas 2014

24 Dec

We are in Springfield, MO for the night. Had a fun drive down. We stopped in Ottawa and had lunch at the Keims’ Bakery and Grill in Ottawa, KS. It was yummy and we came out with a box of Christmas cookies that are the best bakery cookies I’ve ever had. We will be passing cookies out right and left since she gave us several extras.
After we checked into a very nice Sleep-Inn, we watched the movie “Wild”. My review- I’m not a fan of movies with back stories. She’s walking the Pacific Trail and then the scenes keep going back to why she is doing the hike. Big deal being made in press about Reese doing the acting sans make-up. Big fricking deal. She still looked pretty good. I hate movies when all the actors are cute. Who runs into good looking people who are hiking for 3 months. The she stops in a town and a really cute guy picks her up for the night. Come on……Also, when one is hiking through deep snow why don’t they have gloves and a hat on and why don’t I see their breath? It was an okay movie and the scenery was beautiful and it makes me want to go on an adventure.
After the movie we had dinner at Jimmi’s in Springfield. One of our favorite restaurants. Great Caesar salad and prime rib.
Denny is now asleep and I’m working on website and blogging. We’ll pick up my brother John tomorrow at 10 and head to Holiday Island. for the day. Nieces and nephews and my Mom.
Billie and kids had a good day. Billie was making Chex mix using Justin’s famous recipe. They were spending some time with friends tonight making Christmas cookies. I know it is hard for her. Unbelievable that it is just 2 months now.
Denny and I almost finished painting the kitchen this week. I’m trying to post a photo but it won’t come in on this computer. Can’t wait to get new IPhone because mine is totally screwed up. Dropped one too many times.
Merry Christmas. This has been my least merry holiday. Too many deaths and too many sick friends. Just can’t feel to jolly when so many are having a sad Christmas this year.


One Response to “Merry Christmas 2014”

  1. Kathy 12/25/2014 at 6:29 am #

    A very Merry Christmas to you, Denny, and all your family! Big hugs!!

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