6 weeks and 1 day

13 Dec

Has been a tough week. Grieving is beginning to appear in different forms again. Cade and Kyler seem to be doing better. They have their games to focus on. Apparently 4 year olds show their grief by arguing, crying, not listening. It’s hard not to get mad but we’ve heard this is a symptom for the young ones. Counseling has begun and I hope that it will help all of them. Billie went back to work last Monday. The first day her hair was all curled, she had on her new scrubs and went out to face her new world as a single mom. By the end of the week she was very tired and sad. Reality is beginning to set in. It is very difficult being a single parent and there is a lot of adjustments to make. Some new rules have been set in place which help with some issues. I think everyone finds it necessary to stay busy because when they aren’t, they get sad. I do too
I will begin paint again this week. Billie has picked golden yellow and a shade of green for the kitchen. A turqouisy blue and a darker blue for her bedroom. Big project is to try to the backyard secure so the dogs can’t escape. We thought that had been accomplished until Thursday when all of us were gone all day. When Billie got home both dogs were out and a huge hole was ripped through the galvanized fence. I hate when dogs have separation anxiety which Easton has. We will try a couple of things to see if we can keep them and if it doesn’t work, Easton may have to go to a new home. He is a great dog and we all love him, but the stress of him doing damage in the house and outside of the house is too much. Denny made them a great dog house full of hay and cozy places to sleep.
We made a huge mistake this week. We had plans to go with 3 other couples to the Church of the Resurrection Christmas show in Kansas City on the 19th. It was 3 pm yesterday afternoon when we found out that it was actually last night. Crap. Our brains are beginning to get mushy I guess.
Did accomplish some art projects this week. 5 paw prints and 22 bowl holders. I drove to Tonganoxie and met up with Sherry, Jan and Patty. In 4 hours of assembly line work we were able to do that many. Billie is giving them out as Thank you’s to the many who gone above and beyond with their help.
Also accomplished my little homeless mission for the ones who are sleeping outside. I was able to pack up 10 packs of blankets, scarves and hats in bags and plastic zippered bags. Ruth and I delivered them to the mission yesterday. We asked what else was needed and how many were outside. She said about 35 and that they needed socks and chapstick. So…we went to Walmart and bought that many socks and chapsticks. Now I’m trying to think of something to make that would make their socks water proof. Little booties maybe? We’ll see.
I hate winter in Kansas. It can go for days and days with now sunshine and so dreary. I feel like I need one of those sun lights, so does Billie.
Torrie, Larry and I went to visit some friends who’s wife has cancer. We have 2 very good friends who have cancer and it has been a very tough year for both of them.
On a happier note, Denny has been working so hard on our Colorado house. I think he is almost done with the painting of the living room and putting the wood floors down and putting new trim up. I’m waiting for some photos.
I know it will be beautiful.
That’s it for now. Wish us luck for a better week ahead. As Billie says: “Nothing feels okay, nothing feels right”. It’s very hard.
I am having an endoscopy on Monday morning to hopefully get some relief on these multitudes of stomach issues. I think a week on a private beach would cure it all!

One Response to “6 weeks and 1 day”

  1. kit Phillips 12/14/2014 at 1:25 am #

    Glad for the update. Sorry it has been not so good. I can’t imagine how long it will take for all the family to reach some kind of normalcy. I would guess about a year. For a while there will be a challenge around every corner. I hope it comes sooner instead of later.
    Jay you said you didn’t have any gf food. I can send you some of mine if you like. Just let me know.
    Take care. You are doing so much for your family. You r their clue. Take care of your self too.

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