2 Dec

It’s a sunny chilly afternoon in Topeka. Billie and Cade left to pick up the other 2 and run a couple of errands.
Billie has put up the Christmas tree so we are trying to get a little cheer going.
Life feels a little calmed down. Everyone is really getting some good night’s sleep which has helped tremendously.
Kyler is totally enjoying my egg and bacon sandwiches for breakfast. I think I actually made my first meatloaf last night.
Everyone likes the church we are going to which I am very happy about that.
Denny is coming in tomorrow. We are all looking forward to that. He has some of the bigger projects to do. We’ll finish painting the upstairs next week after Billie goes back to work.
Excited about a possible little mission activity that I hope happens this week. There is a man who keeps track of the homeless who live in the trees and under the bridges. Billie and I went to a local thrift store and purchased some scarves, blankets and hats. Then after I hear from the guy and find out what else they need to survive these cold nights, we’ll together some packages full of warm things.
I’m not sure what stage of grief the house is going through right now. Last night I can kind of threw a tantrum which in turn upset the whole house and I was actually going to go to a motel. Not that the tantrum wasn’t a little justified. Billie said “you’re not leaving, we’re going to talk all of this out”!. Yikes. We did get it talked out and we all aired our grievances including the kids. So……we’ll see how it works out. Billie is really handling the kids well and I need to not turn into another kid for her to deal with!! Elliott continues to say different things regarding Daddy. Kyler came across a little video at a pumpkin patch that they all went to the weekend before Halloween. It was strange to hear Justin’s voice on the video. It made everyone sad but Billie was glad she has the video.
Billie received a letter today from the Midwest Transplant Network. They informed her that Justin’s donations were bone tissue, connective tissue, skin, cardiovascular tissue, pericardium and corneas. We already know that his corneas have been used.
I am scheduled for an endoscopy and a MRI on my back next week. I really need to get a handle on the back thing. I’m sure I will be told I’m deteriorating, duh after all I will be getting social security in February.
Denny has finished painting the living room and installed new wood floors. Meeko has already christened them 3 times already and the spots clear right up. Soo glad I won’t have to look at yucky pee stains on yucky carpet anymore.
That’s it for now.


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