Fall colors

9 Oct


deer in road


On Tuesday, Mitzi, Peggy and I went up to Peggy’s cabin to spend the night. What a treat. Between the fall colors, being in the mountains, sleeping in a cabin with no electricity and sitting in front of a roaring fire with 2 buddies yacking for hours. The 3 of us have had a very busy summer and it’s taken this long to get together.
Of course the trees were spectacular. It’s about a 3 mile drive from the highway to get to the cabin. It’s a slow, bumpy road. We saw so many deer. Elk hunting season opens up this weekend. We didn’t see any of them.
I’m counting down the days to closing. We had such a great weekend. 3 groups of campers, one with 20 rigs, one with 15 rigs and an art group 10 ladies. I even had a chance to learn a new technique called watercolor batik. It was so fun and I can’t wait to try it again.
Totally sold out of bowl holders and of course had to do a couple of custom sets. Also the sweatshirts were popular and I had a couple of paw prints to paint.
We have friends that we met in Llano last year here for a few days. Finally have a chance to have dinner with them tonight. Tomorrow morning Judy is coming in on the train and she’ll be here for a few days helping us with our bookkeeping.
It’s rainy and cloudy here for a few days now. We do need the rain and I’m ready for a fire tonight in the stove. Denny purchased about 7 bags of pellets so we are stocked up for awhile.
We finally have figured out a timeline for our winter months. I think it is very doable and we can get in time with our family and have some real down time in Naco for a few weeks.
Since I come down with some crud that makes me cough and hoarse, I’m trying to think that I may have Ebola!! Plagues are hard on borderline hypochondriacs. We did have our blood drawn at the health fair so I’m sure I indeed have it, someone will notice it on my results. La Veta has a great health fair. Blood screening for $25 which is a huge savings.
Time to go through a whole pile of receipts from the whole summer. Yikes.


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