October 5, 2014

6 Oct

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I know I should be showing photos of the leaves changing into their beautiful colors but I mainly have been looking at the huge chaos in the house that has been borderline overwhelming. I have had a table in the living room for painting my paw prints, which by the way, have been a big hit. My sewing area is full of stabilizers, sweatshirts and fabric all in various piles. I also have an extra table in the kitchen for keeping my paints on and also the dining table is being used for putting my sweatshirts in the hoop for embroidering. It was a good weekend for the Bird’s Nest. Sold several sweatshirts and bowl holders and paw prints. We also had a booth at Oktoberfest and sold a few paw prints and birdhouses. Oktoberfest was a huge success and our park was packed due to the festivities. We had one group of 20 rigs come plus an art group that used 4 sites, both campers and the cabin and another group that is here until Wednesday using all 14 50 amp sites. Wow. Dale played in a golf tournament this weekend so I had to get up early and cook pancakes for the group of 46! That’s a bunch of pancakes. Our friend Mitzi came and helped serve too. I didn’t start out on the right foot. We have this handy dandy pancake dispenser that makes perfect round pancakes. I accidently laid it on a hot burner and before I knew it, that horrible plastic burning smell started up. I picked up the dispenser, which was full of batter and had strings of melting plastic all over my cooking space. I cleaned it up and then threw out the first batch of pancakes because the plastic was mixing in with them. Yuch. So after the snafu, things went pretty smoothly, although, campers can get a little edgy waiting for their pancake. The day continued to be busy with painting a print, finishing up sweatshirt orders, catching up on the Quickbooks, checking in more people and daydreaming about October 31. This was our last big hurrah at the park and it feels good looking back at the season. We feel very good about how the summer went. Tons of good feedback and tons of reservations for next year. It was very exciting to see how well the Bird’s Nest did this year. I was wondering if I would be able to keep up with the sewing and I did. Thankfully I had help at times which was great. Thank you Mary, Ginny, and Mitzi!!
We’ll be saying good-by to Dale later this week. It will be sad to see him go but I do believe he will return next year. I think Denny will try to get a paint job out of him before he leaves. 🙂
Going to have a fun week. Heading to Peggy’s cabin Tuesday afternoon with Irene and Mitzi. Will spend the night. It has a generator for electricity and an outhouse. We’ll eat and yack and sleep outside on the deck with a ton of blankets. It’s kind of a ritual even if it is cold out. On Wednesday we will be going to a dinner sponsored by the museum as a thank you for all the people from the park who went to the Museum this summer. I hope to get a game of bridge in. Judy is coming in on the train for the weekend to help us with our accounting and all the receipts we have from the whole season!! That should be interesting.

Have not changed my hair color yet due to someone asking Dale if his Mom and Dad were around!!!!!!! Dale is 54.  I said “What!!!”  I am going to change the style but not the color at this time.

I also need to write a scary story for the Scary Story contest the library is putting on. I keep coming up with scenarios using the rv park as the story.
Can’t wait to see “Gone Girl” and “Annabel”. We are now in Season 3 of Breaking Bad. Oh my gosh, what a show.
That’s it for now.


One Response to “October 5, 2014”

  1. Carl 10/06/2014 at 1:52 am #

    Organized chaos! Isn’t it great! You and Denny never cease to amaze me. Looking forward to seeing you guys next month!

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