Alamosa, Jujubes and Yellow Aspens

25 Sep

It’s 11 pm and I’m awake and a little wound up. I’ve been painting bear paws tonight. Just finished a custom order for a lady in the park. It’s Pico, the little dog print. Denny also has ordered a couple of prints for friends in Kansas. He will deliver them Friday. He is doing a quick back and forth trip to Topeka for his 50th high school reunion. Most of his good friends will be there so happy he can go.
Received a notice from WordPress that I just had my 2 year anniversary with them. Went back to September 2012. My niece Juli had been diagnosed with cancer, I was staying with my Mom in Springfield after her fall, I had finished my first quilt at a retreat and I had gone 5 days with out a Pepsi. Now our Juli is in heaven, I’ve made a few more quilts and had my own quilt retreat and my Mom is doing great after her heart attack last year.
Ginny and I drove to Alamosa for a few reasons. First to go to the quilt shop and pick up the metal screen I purchased last week. After I paint it, it will be in my shop with sweatshirts hanging on it.
I tried to get my Colorado driver’s license to no avail because the system was down. Walgreen’s for some much needed Jujubes and to try some new gel nail polish. My nails still aren’t painted and my tongue is raw from eating a box of Jujube’s! Ginny and I had many conversations during the trip and one was that I thought I would not do the booth at Oktoberfest because I was feeling a little overwhelmed and it is only 1 1/2 weeks away. So…I told Denny that bit of news when we were home and he said “WHAT!!! I have made you all those paw prints and you were going to paint them!!!” Oops. I forgot about that, so I am now doing the booth and that is one reason why I am up late painting. It won’t be so bad though and I now have a table in the living room so I can watch tv while I paint. So I’ve decided that after Oktoberfest I can take a big giant breath.
Speaking of TV, the new season has begun. I’m thinking of charting the new shows and compare the cast of characters to each other. Here are my observations so far. They seem to all have a good looking white female, a good looking white male, other co stars that are good looking, 1 good looking black female or male and another show had an oriental and a gay man in the same cast. Same plots on all of them except for Law and Order:SVU which was really good. Now their new cast includes a new cop who really isn’t that good looking but is quirky which also seems to be a prerequisite for most shows. I tend to only watch the suspense or mystery shows. I do like Nashville. My guilty pleasures are Dance Moms, Sons of Anarchy, and we are still watching Breaking Bad dvd’s.
Pretty quiet time in the park. Had a couple of drop in’s today and tomorrow we have about 10 reservations coming in for the Celtic Festival. We also have a small new group coming in too.
Oh my gosh, the trees are stunning and just beginning to peak. I’m going to try and get some nice photos this week.
Dale and Denny were praising me for my patience with a customer tonight. He came in during dinner so we had to pause our show and I checked on what he needed. 15 minutes later I am back eating. He was having trouble getting his older Kindle to hook up to wifi. I couldn’t help him and then he told me about how many Kindles he had, how his first camping trip was 30 years ago in a pick up truck camper and he told me how he modified it, and then he told me how many states they drover through, then he told me he taught at a University in Idaho and then somehow he had returned from Somali, Africa but I’m not sure when that was, and he told me had belonged to Good Sam’s since 1961, and by now I am following him to the door so I can close and lock it as soon as he gets outside. Then he stood in the doorway to tell me a few more things which meant the doorbell signal was going on and off the whole time he stood there….Whew! That’s quite a bit at the end of the day. I think I’m going to shorten the hours of the office to 9-7 pm and maybe we can get through a meal now.
My eyelids are getting heavy so think I’ll head to bed.


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