Taking a breath tonight

23 Sep

We had a great weekend for our first quilt retreat. The retreat started a day early when Robin and Dean; Dave and Sherry; and Konnie and Carl arrived.
Sherry, Robin and I did a little shop hop to 3 quilt stores in Alamosa, Del Norte and Monte Vista. We purchased many things and….found a Mennonite café that had fabulous desserts. Another day trip I can tell our campers about.
The entire quilt group arrived by noon on Friday and off we went into a sewing frenzy. Konnie and Carl were our chefs and they made delicious meals. Smoked ribs and smoked prime rib; California Cheese soup; homegrown apples in a yummy crisp; chicken salad; and more. Gourmet all the way. Robin came in from Arkansas to be our experienced quilter. Remember she is my sewing buddy that I met last winter in Holiday Island. It was a wonderful group of ladies and we became fast friends. Already planning 2 retreats for next year. Arlene, who I met at Circle last year had the original conversation about the retreat last June so it was really fun to see it through.
Feeling nervous about what is happening in Syria tonight, Putin, and ISIS. I did watch the Roosevelt series on PBS and FDR had lots of scary decisions.
Feeling somewhat sad with the anniversary of Juli passing away about this time last year. We have her beautiful photo of her our bedroom. Doug, Lacey and Jonathon are doing well and Doug is doing the best he can. They all love each other so much and I know they miss Mommy.
Feeling frustrated once again with my body. With the new hip issue once again I’m not doing much exercise but tomorrow I’m going to get back on my exercise bike and see how that goes. I have to remember that we are doing our bicycle trip in Texas the beginning of November. Yikes. Actually most of the group haven’t been doing much training.
Feeling a little overwhelmed about what all I have to do this week. 2 custom stepping stones, set of placemats, bowlholders and 5 sweatshirts. I did find some new designs that I can incorporate on some other items. One new technique I learned this week was applique on my sewing machine and now I can also can use my embroidery machine to applique too.
Feeling extremely sleepy so think I will go to sleep. We have the cabin and campers and clubhouse to get in order before Thursday. Busy weekend because of the Celtic Festival that will be happening. We also have a small group coming. The trees are beginning to change. Some dark greens and yellows up on the peaks. Love love love this time of year.
Also happy the new shows are starting up. Watched “Blacklist” tonight. Oh my, I hope that lady doesn’t lose too many fingers!!!



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