12 Sep

school ellitoo
tundra mouse
trinch generator
Up early on this chilly Friday morning, 36 degrees, chance of snow in the high elevations. Gotta love Colorado in September. Lots of campers though. Denny is in the clubhouse getting the sausage cooking and mixing the pancake batter for a pancake breakfast for the group of Gray Wolves who have spent the week with us.
Again, interesting people in the park. One man came in last night in a small camper and he is going to all 4 corners of the US for a trip that he and his late wife had planned. He decided to do it on his own. We also had a world famous Motocross rider this week. Trampas Parker, of course I didn’t know he was famous until I saw the back of their trailer when they were leaving and it had all the information on him. I wanted to run out of the house to catch them and try to get an autographed photo but decided not to do that. Denny was happy I didn’t do that also. It’s very interesting how many drop ins we are getting each day. From everywhere!! Florida, Peru, Washington, California.
Finally after many snafus because I actually still believe that I can remember things, I have made a chart so I can write down custom orders of sweatshirts, micro bowls and paw print paintings. Now just because I do that doesn’t mean I won’t still screw up but it does show that I really really tried to be on top of my orders.
Excited about next weekend, Quilt Retreat. I have 8 quilters, 3 of them friends from Arkansas and Kansas and 1 husband friend who is going to cook for us. I will be making another camping quilt which was ordered way back in June. Sherry is coming a day early so we can do a Quilt shop hop that will begin in South Fork. I will be so glad that after we close I can sew

some items other than Micro bowl holders!!
I did go on a really fun outing yesterday with Nancy and Ginny. Nancy has purchased a jeep and she took us up to the top of Trinchera Peak or at least as far as we could go. I have wanted to do that for 14 years!! It was fun to go over tree line. I miss camping and riding around the mountains since we gave up motorcycling. Now I’m thinking one day we will get a Jeep also. No big wildlife sighted but I did get this cute tundra mouse who apparently is working on a next in the rocks. I bet he is getting ready for winter. Ginny and I were sitting by what used to be a gold mine. They dynamited it this year and closed it up but there is still this really old generator up there. Still amazes be about the old miners and how they actually did all that work in these isolated areas.
Last night we attended a fabulous concert by Carlos Nakai. He is a Native American Flutist and he had 2 others in his group. I could have just gone to sleep listening to them. Unfortunately we had to leave at intermission because I still had work to do in the office.
Speaking of the office. You know when you have a paper jam and they warn you to be careful how you remove the jam so not to damage the printer? Well, I really yanked a big jam and damaged my printer and now Denny has to run to Pueblo today and get us another one. I print tons of things everyday so it is desperately needed.
Time to sew a couple of pink bowl holders for a cancer survivor who is in the park. Had some ladies come in the shop who really just wanted to know how to make some of the items I make and not purchase any, they even asked for the pattern!!. They did end up buy one of each. Not that I haven’t done the same thing before, but….I’m a little more considerate.
Totally into Breaking Bad. Wow, it is so intense that I sometimes don’t know if I can finish the episode.
Photo of Miss Elliott on her first day of school. Billie says she loves school. Cade has a broken left wrist due to a bicycle accident. He is out of hockey for a few weeks but should be able to play when he gets the cast off.
That’s it for now.


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