Laboring over Labor Day weekend

29 Aug

tiny house

bear paw

many paws

I thought I would just ramble for awhile.
Thoughts about owning an RV park in it’s 2nd year. Do we like doing this?? Yes, very much. It really fits our personalities. How do you handle the hours? It just becomes our life, 7 days a week, 18 hours a day. I answer the phone from 8 am to 9 or so. The office stays open at 8:30 – 8 or so. Later if someone may need help getting into their site. The office is just part of the home. When we hear the buzzer ring, Denny, Dale or I will come in to see who has come in. Of course Meeko and Jumper come running too. I bet I get up and down 500 times a day. I may count it one of these days.
(Since I started posting 30 minutes ago, I have checked someone in and answered an email regarding a problem I’m having embroidering my sweatshirts.)
Now back to writing. Another thing that happens daily is getting interrupted all the time. That’s part of the business. This morning it took me 4 tries to finish my breakfast. It has been better this summer because we have all been able to get away from the park for golf or outings. Last Tuesday Mitzi and I went to Alamosa and to Hooper Pool. It’s a really cool pool. It’s filled from a natural hot spring and is a balmy 97 degrees. It was so nice to just float around in that warm water and be surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. (Just answered phone)
We still are very blessed to have friendly campers so we never have much drama. The most drama we have is with the automatic Jelly Bean dispenser we have in the office. It is so funny because they’ll put their hand under the opening and get some beans, but then they’ll drop one in the tray and when they reach for it then a whole bunch of jelly beans come flying out all over the place. One day Denny had a map out to show a customer a place to go and he accidently had it under the opening and jelly beans came rolling out all over the map. I tell the customers that that is the most excitement they’ll have in the park. 🙂 I’m glad I begged for that at the white elephant over Christmas.
The park will be full this weekend. I forget that it is still pretty hot in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. It feels like fall here. In the low 40’s at night. Hopefully the temps will increase my sweatshirt sales. The Bird’s Nest continues to do well. We are on to another endeavor. Denny is making cement paw prints in various colors. Then I am painting some of them. Putting peoples names on some of them. We’ll see how they go. They can also be left plain and used as stepping stones in your yard which is very cute. He is also making baby ones.
(Just interrupted by phone call to see if a guy could bring in a tiny house on a trailer and park here a couple of days and a customer came in to tell me there was a snake but I didn’t have to go chase it off and another lady came in with a picture of her desert tortoise for me to paint on a stepping stone)
Now my train of thought is a mess.
Another ramble, even though I was challenged to do the dump a bucket of cold water on my head, I didn’t do it. I have had mixed feelings about the whole concept. Bernie, our sister in law just lost her brother to ALS and our niece Cathy lost her brother to ALS a couple of years ago. It is a horrific disease. (Just interrupted by a guy looking for a gasket for his water hose) My concern is that zillions of dollars have been raised due to this fundraising which is so incredible!!!! But, in a year are we going to be reading about “What happened to the millions of dollars raised for ALS research?” It seems, whenever there is a massive fundraising after a disaster or huge event and people are so generous with their donations, then next thing we know is that the money cannot be found. I just don’t trust these organizations and prefer to send money where I absolutely know the right person is getting it.
Interesting tenters in the park today. They are from Maine on their way to Washington. They are beginning the Trans America trail here and taking it to Oregon. The young men went to Maritime college in Maine and are both working on ships. 3 months on, 3 months off. How cool is that. They also had a young lady with them who was riding a big KTM. After seeing these guys and our Harley buddies come through last weekend, I do long for some riding days. I will settle looking forward to the bicycle trip in November. My bike looks pathetic in the garage with a flat tire and all dusty. I had to quit my Zumba for a couple of weeks due to a Soaz muscle/tendon or something in my right hip. Going to start back up on Tuesday though which I am happy about.
Time to get back to #1 embroidering a sweatshirt, #2 Painting a stepping stone, #3 starting laundry, #4 typing up weekend activities to pass out this afternoon, #5 sewing some curtains for the bathhouse restrooms.
This is last photo of the chaos in the kitchen/painting area/putting sweatshirts in embroidery hoop room. 🙂

So glad I have a patient hubby.


2 Responses to “Laboring over Labor Day weekend”

  1. margie costello 08/29/2014 at 5:29 pm #

    Sounds super fun J, and I really mean that! Good thing you are such a good natured person!

  2. Carl 09/02/2014 at 4:43 am #

    Love the paw prints! Can’t wait to see you guys this month. Hernia surgery Friday, short recovery period and then conditioning for the November bike trip! It looks like you guys are busting butt and having a blast doing it. We will bring some sun dried tomatoes and apples with us when we come out. I will call you one night this week about the cooking and menus.

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