10 Aug

Elliott is really enjoying ballet and she will be in the Nutcracker as an Angel this year. The video is from one of their rehearsals. She is the 2nd one from the left on the back row. She really seems to be paying attention. I’ll definitely need to be in Topeka the first weekend of December!
Loved having the deer family in the park this weekend.
Spending the last hour cleaning up my computer desktop. I can’t believe how much crap I had accumulated. Next project is cleaning out emails which I hate to do but have a few thousand of them is wayyy too many.
Finished up watching the final episode of “Longmire”. Going to be many months before it starts up again. Trying to think of another series to watch. Maybe start “Breaking Bad” from season 1.
Drove up to the Uptop Ghost Town for a concert. Carlos Nunez and his band. Celtic with a latin flair. It was wonderful and there was a great turnout.
Had a full park again this weekend. Had a group come in from Colorado Springs. They were really fun. The Roaming Elks. Had another couple come in and check out the park for 2016!! They have a group of 20.
We had fun at the Swinging For AIDS golf Tourney. Due to Linda being in the office and Mitzi taking care of the dogs, we were able to stay all night in Denver since it was an early tee time. Took my $825 donation. We had the drawing last Monday. My Mom was one of the winners!! Haven’t heard how much money was raised yet but usually it’s around $30,000. Don said they are going to Namakkal in January, but I won’t be able to go this year. Not sure if I want to travel with all the Ebola issues going on. There was a mission group going to Africa but it was cancelled due to the outbreak. What a horrible plague.
Going to be very busy the next several weeks. I am going to have a booth at Oktoberfest so will need to make or paint something everyday. Denny and Dale are making paw prints which I will also sell. We have an order to make at least 7 prints right now.
I’m waiting for my embroidery machine part to get here. I’m way backed up on sweatshirt orders.
Still battling an infection and taking another round of antibiotics. Should find out when I can see the urologist that comes down to the health center here. Really, really would like to get this issue cleared up.
Tomorrow night we have our monthly pot luck and bingo game. Hopefully we’ll have a good turnout. We have nice prizes since this is our last one.
My deer video has had 610 views. That’s the most views I’ve had on my Circle the Wagons FB page.
I guess that is about it for now.


2 Responses to “Tidbits”

  1. margie costello 08/11/2014 at 5:52 am #

    Loved the deer video, the fawns are so cute following their mother! If you’re looking for a change of pace in your TV viewing, try PBS, Doc Martin or Death in Paradise. Catch past seasons of Doc Martin on Netflix so you have the back story. I start back to school today, kind of excited to see the kids again, they always seem to change so much in a few short weeks.

  2. duartlingo 08/25/2014 at 6:43 pm #

    Went back a few minutes ago to watch the “Bambis” They are soooooo cute. I haven’t had any this year because a neighbor has dogs that bark all the time and keep the deer away. It is very sad because that was once a big highlight for me and friends that were here.

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